28 Sep
Uh-oh, Mommy Had An Accident!

Dear Mouthy Housewives,

I am a young, vibrant, gorgeous (ahem) 25-year-old mother of a 3-year-old and a 10-month old baby. While they haven’t been potty trained yet, I think I have a bigger problem:   I think that I need potty training. I try to go to the bathroom as soon as I feel the need, but if I wait even a few minutes and someone tells a joke, or I cough or sneeze – it’s all over. All over me, I mean. Urine is sterile, but my coworkers don’t seem to think that’s an acceptable excuse for walking around the office in piss-stained pants and underwear. I really can’t bring myself to buy Depends. What should I do?


Leaky Louise


Dear Leaky Louise,

Ah, the post-baby body. It is truly a glorious thing to behold, is it not? The squishy tummy, the jiggly thighs, the boobs that look like deflated party balloons—it’s just a complete delight. Luckily, the physical stuff snaps back pretty fast for the majority of new mothers, especially the ones featured in US Weekly’s latest “Body After Baby” pictorials. (Oh, Melissa Joan Hart. How do you do it?)

But unfortunately, it sounds like your problem is one of the more more lasting pregnancy souvenirs—-that of   “urinary incontinence.” (Or as my mother used to call it, “Dammit, Wendi, why the hell’d you have to make me laugh in Macy’s? Now my pants are all wet and I look like I need to be put in a home.”)

UI is usually caused by weak pelvic floor muscles, but the good news is those muscles can easily be strengthened by doing your Kegel exercises. (I’m sure your OB/GYN would love to tell you about this in more detail. I know mine is a total Kegel freakazoid.) Some other tactics you can use to prevent embarrassing leaks are to cross your legs whenever you sneeze, cut back on caffeine, and maybe invest in a box or two of pantyliners.

But most important, go to the bathroom as soon as you think you need to go. Put down the phone, leave a meeting, stop Googling Matt Damon, whatever. Just get there. Maybe even buy a “Potty Success” chart and put gold stars on it if you think it’ll help you remember. And if that still doesn’t work, make an appointment with your doctor.

Now just to be on the safe side, stop reading and visit the bathroom before I say something funny.


Wendi, TMH

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15 Responses to “Uh-oh, Mommy Had An Accident!”


Comment by emilywardid.

Oh Louise…I haven’t had dry pants since 2003.
My OB told me most of what contributes to UI is genetics. Either you have a strong pelvic floor or you don’t. You can Kegel your way to a better life, but if genetics are not on your side, you will never Kegel your way to the six pack of pelvic floors. Just buy the pads. You’ll feel better.


Comment by DG at Diaryofamadbathroom.

If you are hesitant on the depends, then maybe a thin, overnight maxi might offer less bulky protection and get to kegeling or your next case of bronchitis will be spent convalescing on the toilet . . . or so I’ve heard.


Comment by hokgardner.

Is this the right place to leave a comment for the bag? Because I really want one.

I carried my diaper bag to a work meeting once, because my laptop fit in it, and I was mortified in the meeting when the bag tipped over and a plastic bag with a used diaper from earlier that day rolled out onto the floor. I quickly stuffed it back in, but I’m sure everyone in the room saw.


Comment by marathonmom.

surgery is an option that works well too 🙂 wish I had done it earlier. Best of luck!


Comment by LISA5OF5.

Poise pads, my friend. They work great (for periods too) and are not bulky at all. You know, I have never met a woman who has had children who doesn’t have this problem so don’t be embarrassed.
Now, I’ve got to go google Matt Damon…


Comment by assomeoneelse.

Hooray for Poise pads! Those things rock! And they aren’t too bulky.

You are definitely not alone in this leaky little problem. My sister, mom and I all cross our legs when we sneeze. My husband knows when I have to sneeze because I stop whatever I’m doing, cross my legs, and clench my body as tight as I can. (He’s convinced I’m going to blow my eyes out of their sockets soon.) When I do this in a store or other public place I automatically know who all the mothers in the room are because they are the ones who give me the little knowing smiles.


Comment by Marinka,TMH.

I think I’m stuck in a permanent Kegel.


Comment by Karin.

I got Whooping Cough (aka: 100-days cough, aka: pertussis – yup, the “P” in DPT) and immediately got pregnant with my son – super strong antibiotics through your body out of whack, btw. My Pelvic floor muscles are totally shot but I’m starting to recover (my son is 2 1/2). Here’s a tip – depends and poise pads are basically really thick menstrual pads. I carry some Always around with me and wear them when I’m not going to be home.


Comment by Heather,TMH.

Is it possible for your vagina to cramp up from too much kegeling?


Comment by the mama bird diaries.

oh i hate the evil kegel.


Comment by Dana.

Although surgery can be very effective for some women, for others it can make the situation worse or result in other conditions like feeling you have to go “RIGHT NOW” all the time, which some women report as being worse than the incontinence. Unfortunately there is no way right now to know who will benefit from the surgery and who will not. Make sure if you do decide to go for surgery that you fully understand what your risks are. I would suggest talking to your doctor though. Sometimes pessaries can help depending on your problem and it is non-surgical.


Comment by Karyn.

You might have what everyone here suspects, but one of the side effects of pregnancy can be not only a prolapsed uterus, but also a prolapsed bladder. This basically means that the muscular walls of your bladder or uterus have weakened and kind of fold over, or lapse. Whether it is incontinence or prolapsed bladder, get it checked out by your doctor. Good luck.


Comment by Tara.

Yikes, I found myself unconsciously doing Kegels while I read this post!

And on that front, just wanted to suggest asking your OB/GYN to show you a Kegel next time you’re in the office. I’ve been doing Kegels for years, very confident in my women’s-magazine health knowledge. Then recently an OB nurse actually showed me a Kegel, in an, er, hand’s-on manner. And it turns out I’ve been doing them WRONG all this time.

So, yeah, the wrong muscle is very strong. The right one? Not so much.


Comment by HappilyEvenAfter.

I’m seeing a physical therapist who specializes in this sort of thing (mrm, that almost sounds like I’m dating her. I’m not). Anyway, she’s got me doing not just kegels, but other core exercises too. Turns out Just In Case Pees and Frequent Little Pees are actually bad for you–they train your bladder to be lazy. She recommends actually trying to hold your pee longer, even if for 5 min, just to get your blad in shape. (She says do 3 really strong, quick kegels to remind your blad to shut up.)

In the meantime, though, I broke down and bought Depends for jogging. Since I’m too lazy to jog they’re now a reminder of both my laziness AND my incontinence. Sigh.


Comment by Steph.

is it too late to comment? this is soooo funny and a little too close to home.

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