01 Mar
Somebody’s Moving Somewhere. Or Something Like That.

Dear Mouthy Housewives,

I am moving to Virginia and my daughter is SCARED. What to do?


Mega-Worried in Maine


Dear Mega-Worried in Maine,

Unfortunately, your question leaves ME with a lot of questions. Questions such as: Are you the only one moving? Is your daughter going, too? Are you married? Divorced? Single? Will you be traveling via wagon train? Do these pants make me look fat? Why do you think that is? The rhinestone pockets?

As you can see, I don’t have a lot to work with here, baby.

However, I think the first thing we can all agree on is that yes, Virginia is a completely terrifying place. Or maybe that’s West Virginia. Which one has the rampaging zombies and raw sewage running through the streets? Connecticut? I swear, I can never remember. You’d think Fodor’s would be better about updating their “do not visit without first getting a tetanus shot” lists.

Anyway, if you and she are moving to a new state together, and if she’s a school aged child, then she has every reason to be nervous. The best thing to do is be as positive as possible, and maybe try to contact her new school in advance and ask if any of the kids would be interested in meeting her via email before she gets there.

But if you’re the only one moving, well, that’s an entirely different can of worms. Just try to reassure her that you’ll still see her as much as possible and be sure to utilize Skype, email and phone calls to talk on a daily basis.

I hope that helps, and be sure to watch out for zombies when your wagon train finally arrives in Virginia. I hear they can be really nasty to newcomers.


Wendi, TMH

9 Responses to “Somebody’s Moving Somewhere. Or Something Like That.”


Comment by The Flying Chalupa.

Okay, I can’t stop laughing. Best question. Ever. People are scared of Virginia and it’s time to own up to it and talk about it in a safe environment. Because it IS a scary place.

Unlike Maine.


Comment by T.

I came to Maine for college and I hate it. I’d love to mix it up and go to Virginia for a while. And, worst case scenario, have your daughter count down the days until she can go to college. In doing so, you will solidify in her mind the fact that college is important- even if she only sees it as important in helping her get out of the state.

T Reply:

P.S. I find that paper chains help. At least, they help me in my countdown to summer vacation.


Comment by Albug.

I needed a laugh this morning. Thank you Wendi. I think this mother’s question is indicative of her problem, she doesn’t seem to communicate too well. I’m going to Florida in a few days. Talk about being scared (but I’ll be warm).


Comment by Kelly.

I’m from Virginia. Lived her all my life. It’s pretty amazing that I was able to find time between the riots, civil unrest, and battles with zombies to even read this blog.

Is this question more about the daughter’s anxiety or the mother’s? Give Virginia a chance. It’s a friendly place. And what we lack in blueberries and lobster, we make up for in sweet tea and peanuts. And zombies. We have those too.


Comment by Rojopaul.

“Do these pants make me look fat? Why do you think that is? The rhinestone pockets?”

Hilarious (as usual).


Comment by Karin.

VA’s got a lot to offer! I love VA – I’ve moved away 3 times and can’t help but come back each time!

but I know what the mother is going thru. My daughter (wait for the bragging) made it into an advanced placement grouping and moved to another school a whole 1.75 miles away from her old school. She was absolutely miserable for 2 months. But now she loves it and we make time to see her old friends.

I wonder where in the Commonwealth (b/c we’re not a “state”) the letter writer is moving. maybe she can make a friend before settling down!

(I’m near DC – did you know the museums are free? personally, I never knew you had to pay for museums or the zoo but apparently no admission museums are something fairly rare.)

Karin Reply:

oh, and we have 4 distinct seasons that each last about 1/4 of the year. We visit Maine in the summer as someone in my husband’s family has a camp (what most people outside of ME would call a summer lake cabin) near Bar Harbor. We’ve been up there when it’s 85 deg and when it’s 45 deg. I suggest that you come feel the Atlantic Ocean down here and you’ll soon find that ME water isn’t anywhere near “temperate” like the locals kept telling me!


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