13 Feb
The Worst Valentine’s Day Gifts 2013

Shop wisely, people.

15 Responses to “The Worst Valentine’s Day Gifts 2013”


Comment by Neil.

What was so wrong with the Harry Potter erotic night? Or the Scarface shirt? More original than candy! Is that all men are to you “modern” feminist women — candy dispensing machines? Like real life Pez! You mouthy housewives make me sick. Nothing is ever good enough for you on Valentine’s Day. First you cry for jewelry than when we get you some, it’s all “I’m not gonna wear any jewelry shaped like my tits!” Why not? Didn’t God create your tits? Do you hate God now because He is a man? Why are women so high maintenance nowadays? I spit on Valentine’s Day. I wish I was gay. A gay man would be happy with a Scarface t-shirt.

BigMommaD Reply:

Neil, none of the gay men I know would be caught dead wearing a tacky Scarface T-shirt. So your “wish” is not the solution. Most women are not high-maintenance. I’d rather know I am genuinely loved than get jewelry – any day. And a Scarface T-shirt does not express love (unless she’s into Al Pacino). Maybe a Johnny Depp T-shirt?


Comment by admin.

Neil, Neil, Neil. We wish you were gay, too.

Lib Reply:


Go away, Neil.


Comment by Suzy Soro (@HotComesToDie).

The side by side toilets, can we get an overall worldwide sale count on that one?


Comment by dar.



Comment by Neil.

I thought the side by side toilets were kinda cool.


Comment by Peyton Price @suburbanhaiku.

I warned my husband:
Not the double butt necklace.
Does he need more help?


Comment by Jenee.

I’m very pleased to see that everyone else hates that tit/butt jewelry as much as I do.


Comment by dusty earth mother.

The side by side toilets will be in my nightmares tonight, thank you very much.


Comment by Lovelyn.

I hate the double butt necklace. Every time I see the commercial I comment on how hideous it is.


Comment by Love.

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Comment by joeinvegas.

Wait a minute, what’s wrong with sexy underwear delivered by a bear?


Comment by Myssie1963.

See, my family has always thought that jewelry looked more like balls than tits. We call it the scrotum collection. So ugly! Also, I tell my husband if he gets me anything from Jared, I will kick his ass.


Comment by Erin@MommyontheSpot.

Ahhh! The Zales open heart necklace! Totally deserves to be on the list!

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