04 May
The Haphazard Housewife Needs Your Help

Woo-hoo! It’s Day Two of the Mouthy Housewives’ first birthday celebration! Today the wonderful Wendi (who does not look like Tracey Gold’s DUI mugshot, so please stop telling her that) is asking all of you for a bit of advice. So come on ladies, get those fingers on your keyboards and show us what you’ve learned from Oprah!

Dear Mouthy Readers,

Ever since both of my sons started going to school seven hours a day, I find myself unable to keep a set schedule for myself. I’m not disorganized, but try as I might, I can’t seem to find a daily routine to follow. Some days I work out at 9 a.m., some days it’s 1 p.m.   Some days I have my daily tub of ice cream at 5 p.m., some days it’s 5:05 p.m. Basically, I seem to go wherever the day takes me.

Is there an easy, non-restrictive way I can be more efficient with my writing time, my household time, my volunteering time and everything else that seems to pop up? (And please don’t suggest a pie chart—those only make me think of my daily ice cream. Is it 5:06 p.m. already?)


Wendi, TMH

15 Responses to “The Haphazard Housewife Needs Your Help”


Comment by Hally.

Okey, so no pie chart. How about getting yourself a fancy day planner with 1 day per sheet? Of course, finding the perfect fancy day planner is vital, so take your time. It should represent your organized self for motivational purposes, but it should also represent your fancy side. And just to make your day planner more organized (and fancy) you should get different coloured markers for each of your planned activity. And a sexy casing to keep all of these markers in.

You’ll probably need a new handbag to fit all of these fancy and sexy new things in, but it’s a sacrifice you’ll have to make.


Comment by Alexandra.

There is only one answer, and you know it deep down yourself. Hint: your day can only be sliced into so many pieces: you need THE PIE CHART to see where your time goes.

It’s the only way. Just be sure to leave plenty of pie slices sliced for “ice cream tub” and you’ll see, it’ll all fall neatly and lovely into place.

Sigh. I can feel the zen of it all already.


Comment by Sophie.

I’d answer you, but it’s already almost 1pm, and I guess I should leave here before 2:30 if I want to get to the dentist on time, and I still haven’t figured out what to have for lunch, especially when your pie threw me off the chart. I think I’ll go take a nap.


Comment by Cheryl.

Wendi, what’s your point? Sounds like you’re living the dream. Why would you want to mess up your routine by creating a schedule? Why woman, why?

Before you know it, you’ll either get bored doing things as they come to mind or you’ll come to your senses and realize you’ve got a good thing going. I do have to say it’s good to have a set time for the Tub O Ice Cream. Some things are sacred.


Comment by Becky.

Why do you need a set schedule?! Relish in the fact that so many of us are stuck in schedules. Be free! Be one with your time. Just make a check list and like good ol Santa don’t forget to check it twice.
Who cares when you workout, write, eat ice cream? As long as it’s being done you’re golden.

Jealous and Stuck at Work


Comment by admin.

Thanks for all the help so far! And yes, I know I’m really lucky that I don’t have a work schedule to adhere to. However, I’m trying to write a book and find that my writing time keeps getting shuttled away in favor of school things, etc.

I’d love to start my day at 6am or something, but don’t know if I can. Anyone do that?

Cheryl Reply:

What? Start the day at 6 am? Sure, I’m usually up by 4:30 because, in all honesty, the Universe really hates me to get more than 5 hours of sleep.

Oh, did you mean get up and buckle down to a task? Um, erm, ah, hmmm, does reading emails and blogs count?

Sophie Reply:

6am mornings are meant only for updating your facebook farm. Trust me, I’ve tried everything else, and it just doesn’t work. Especially writing.


Comment by Karen at French Skinny.

The day I brought my little baby boy home from the hospital, I realized I would need to completely revamp my organizing skills or it would be chaos. I envisioned charts and graphs.
In a couple weeks he’ll be 4. I need to start that.


Comment by Erin I'm Gonna Kill Him.

I think you should become one of those people who essentially lives at the gym. Arrive early, drink coffee, chat up the other early birds. Do some step aerobics. Then loiter around the locker room with your laptop, making naked women uncomfortable because you keep telling them “Don’t worry, the web cam is off!” You can do a little writing from an exercise bike while you order up wheat germ shakes from the cafe. By the time you’ve tried on their array of jogging suits for sale, you’ve had a full regimented day.


Comment by Karin.

alarm clocks – lots and lots of alarm clocks

set them in various locations in your house for when you need to get things done and then you’ll either go nuts trying to find the right alarm clock for the next task (bonus: you can cross exercise off your list) or you’ll do what I do – ignore the alarm and take you sweet damn time!


Comment by dusty earth mother.

Oooh, I’m stealing the alarm clock idea. Thanks, Karin! Oh, this post isn’t about me and my needs? Sorry…

Wendi, I hate to be old-fashioned and bourgeois, but I live by my to-do lists. It helps me remember that I can’t read 748 blogs, I only have time for 643 because I have to do the next thing on the list: write my own blog.


Comment by MommyTime.

I made myself a promise that I wouldn’t do anything that I could pay someone else to do (laundry, mowing, mopping, etc) during the hours that I was paying for daycare — with the reasoning that daycare costs more than house-cleaning-people, so why would I double-pay? Hence, those daycare hours became my reading/writing/grading/etc. hours. Religiously. Once both my kids are in school, I plan to keep to that system: while they’re in school, I’m writing, etc. When they’re home, we fold laundry, run errands, scrub bathrooms, etc — together. They learn to help around the house, and I don’t feel like I always let cleaning out the fridge or running out to buy the birthday presents win out over the actual work I need to do.


Comment by Plano Mom.

Re-set your expectations. If you’ve had a shower before ice cream time, it’s a successful, productive day!

Seriously, as a telecommuter, I have found that starting my day as if I were heading to an office, by taking a shower and actually wearing something other than PJs, goes a long way toward sticking to a schedule.

As for the book, sounds to me like you find so many things more interesting and exciting than writing. Stick stuff you hate on your to do list, so that writing that book will be the preferred activity…


Comment by luckylottielou.

Schedule your writing time. Don’t schedule anything else. If you don’t do your writing time, there is no Ice Cream or Adult Beverage time. And you have to spend extra time with the kids… at their school, while talking to the teachers, supermoms, and PTA members. I believe in a combination of stick and carrot training.

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