24 Nov

It’s Thanksgiving and we are feeling thankful.

We are thankful for our families and our children and our friends and our DVRs (not necessarily in that order).   And we are thankful that we get to spend a portion of each day with you,   trying to solve your problems, reading your comments and suggestions, laughing and crying with you.

Beyond that, we have compiled a list of what each of us is thankful for.   (Besides the ability to end a sentence with a preposition, because who is going to stop us?)

Marinka is grateful for:

  • The   Real Housewives on Bravo.   Just because they cannot see me, doesn’t mean that we are not friends.
  • Starbucks half-caffs. Yes, really.
  • Laura Lippman’s books. Because they are page turners and every time one comes out, I can’t wait to read it. Also, Ruth Rendell.
  • My kids’ reaction to snow. Because the Eskimos may have 52 words for snow, but my kids have 53 prayers that the snow will turn into a snow day off from school. (That’s ok, I have 54 that school will remain open.)

Tonya is grateful for:

  • The thick glass that separates me and my foul mouth from all of the ridiculous folks who try and jump in front of my car, even if I was driving on the sidewalk that one time. You could see me! Hello!!!
  • Rap music. It keeps me gangsta, yo.
  • Donuts. Do I need a reason?

Kristine is grateful for:

  • Empty calories. If they’re empty, then they can’t count, right? ::guzzles eggnog latte::
  • Infantile Amnesia. Could you imagine if they could remember those 3am pep-talks around month four or five of no sleep? I can’t be certain, but I’m pretty sure mine always included offensive language. Something along the lines of OHMYGODJUSTLETMESLEEPORIWILLDIERIGHTHEREINTHENURSERY
  • Selective memory. (See above.)
  • Push-up bras. Not because I NEED them, of course. They’re just so…OK FINE, I totally need them.
  • Internal dialogue. Oh, wait a second. I think I just confused my Thanksgiving list with my New Year’s resolutions.
  • Bladder control. (See above.)

Kelcey is thankful for:

  • Botox, fillers and laser resurfacing. Maybe not yet. But soon. Very very soon.
  • The fact that we live in a world where we can easily stalk ex-boyfriends online instead of showing up at their house and getting arrested.
  • Kathie Lee and Hoda. Because if you can’t enjoy a glass of wine while you host a morning show, when can you?
  • My four gorgeous children. Especially when they are sleeping.
  • “Footloose” remakes. Oh, and the original. Okay, any opportunity to sing “Let’s Hear It For the Boy” while wearing red cowboy boots.

Wendi is thankful for:

  • Barry Manilow. I can’t smile without him.
  • The PTA. So different from the PITA.
  • The fact that it’s not freezing in Texas during the summer. No need for pashima!
  • Pedicures. Other people beautifying my toes– can’t put a price tag on that! Although $15 plus tip seems about right.

Please tell us what you’re thankful for this holiday! And have a Happy Thanksgiving!

5 Responses to “Thankfully”


Comment by Tinne from Tantrums and Tomatoes.

Shapewear : for making my jeans fit again
Coffee: for keeping me awake in this cubicle hell hole of an office
My children: for making me laugh and cry at the same time and for scaring the cat yesterday, you are right : the living room looks better without a curtain…


Comment by Rosstwinmom.

I’m thankful for:
Being home in TX in just 6 days.

Being drunk in TX in just 7 days.

Slingbox–It let’s me watch American TV in Poland. I don’t know how, but it does.

My kids and husband, in case they read this.


Comment by Lines.

[…] hole, for your husband, for your children, for your country, for your friends, and for all those little things that makes your life […]


Comment by dusty earth mother.

The Mouthy Housewives. How did I live before that bubble gum popper started appearing in my inbox? You guys are awesome, have a good one!

Steph Reply:

ditto. p.s. Wendi, where can uou get a pedicure in Austin for $15??

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