13 Jul
Take Your (Gag) Vitamins!

Dear Mouthy Housewives,

Two year ago, my doctor asked me what vitamins I was taking. “Oh, pumpkin, surely at your age (35) you are at least taking calcium?” she said. But surely, I was not.

So I bought the recommended vitamins and began taking them. Then I stopped. Because vitamins make me feel as if I’m experiencing morning sickness, and to be honest, I’d rather catch a Sexually Transmitted Infection than a pregnancy, so I’m not taking the vitamins.

Thing is, I’ve now also been told an Iron supplement is ‘necessary’ (after two blood transfusions… yeah, that’s right… how’s that for low iron), so how on earth am I going to get these things into me, and keep them down? I need a multi-vitamin, a calcium, and my Iron. Any suggestions on settling the stomach and keeping these tiny reminders of my ever increasing age down?


Getting Older


Dear Getting Older,

I immediately snatched up your question because I have the exact, same problem. My husband is constantly bugging me to take calcium, fish oil and some little black pill he orders from Thailand that may or may not contain oysters, Spanish Fly and tiger penis. (Just kidding about that last one—please don’t call the FDA.)

Because my vitamins not only make me queasy but give me the added bonus of burping up fish flavor all day so I feel like SpongeBob’s frickin’ concubine, I finally just stopped taking them, too. Unfortunately, this made my husband very upset because he claims he wants me to live a long time so he doesn’t have to face our boys’ teenage years alone. Isn’t that adorable? Anyway, I’ve been doing some investigating and here are some suggestions to try:

1. Don’t take vitamins at bedtime and/or wait 30 minutes after taking them before lying down

2. Take vitamins with food—I suggest doughnuts since they kind of cancel each other out—or an hour after eating so you still have some food in your stomach (this is recommended for calcium).

3. Don’t take them all at the same time, divide them up throughout the day

4. Switch to liquid vitamins

From what I’ve read, iron is known for causing major nausea, but unfortunately it sounds like it’s really necessary for you. I liked what Dr.Weil had to say about foods that help its absorption and also what foods naturally give your body more iron, so take a look at that. (And make sure your multivitamin doesn’t also contain iron or you may be getting too much.)

I hope that helps, Getting Older. I know it’s not easy, but just remember that swallowing a few vitamins now means you might not break a hip later. And, uh, if you do break a hip? Give me a call because I have a few bottles of tiger penis I might be selling. Cheap.


Wendi, TMH



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19 Responses to “Take Your (Gag) Vitamins!”


Comment by Vitamin flunkie.

Oh I understand, I do. I’m not a vitamin person at all. Unless we’re talking Flintstone chewables or Gummy vites. Due to some illness I tried the fish oil, I do not eat seafood of any kind so am lacking in any benefits there. So I tried, I really did try. The first couple days were OK, then it happened…the “furps” (fish burps) and they were horrendous.

I have recently tried another blend of good vitamins including Coenzyme Q10, ATP and other various goodies that are supposed to help my ailments. They were advertised as being “small” they are not. They smell. They are also recommended taking on an empty stomach with lots of fluids. But oh gosh the burps are horrible. I find that taking some food with them helps. I know that my diet is not providing the proper nutrients. For calcium, I believe they make a tasty chew and for iron, I do remember a prenatal vitamin that had a (lovely if any vitamin could have a lightly taste vanilla taste. Maybe that would help). Or reaize that gummy vites and Flintstone chewables may be a good bet. If all fails you could include foods that are high in nutrients. Good luck. And please avoid the furps!


Comment by Christy.

Target carries chewey vitamins for adults. Get thee there! I haven’t figured out the fish oil problem yet though. I am sure my doctor will check my cholesterol and proceed to verbally berate me!


Comment by Dana.

I am taking all of this advice! I gotta do somethin’! LOL! Thanks again women… Ya’ll seriously ‘rock the Cashba’!


Comment by Emily.

Wow! All this time I thought I was the only person that became nauseous from vitamins. I am absolutely showing this post to my husband. I know he only partly believed my story about vitamins making me ill.


Comment by Bean.

The one benefit I found of the nausea was that I lost some weight… but what helped me keep ’em down was not taking them on an empty stomach (and coffee doesn’t count – that made it even worse).

Good luck!


Comment by Bean.

Oh! And for the “furps”, try flaxseed oil instead. It still has Omega 3, 6 & 9.

red pen mama Reply:

I second this. I am a vegetarian, so I take flaxseed, and ‘furps’ are definitely not a problem!


Comment by Erin I'm Gonna Kill Him.

I can’t even take prenatal vitamins, so if the welfare of my unborn child cannot overcome my distaste for dry heaving, nothing will.

Who says adults can’t eat Flinstones chewables? I eat like 40 a day and figure that keeps me square.


Comment by dusty earth mother.

This was really good advice, because I am also Getting Older, also want to vomit when I take supplements, and also am always looking for an excuse to eat donuts.


Comment by Finn.

I believe there is also a bubble gum vitamin (Vita Ball?). I take Viactiv chocolate chew (they make them in Calcium and Multi). I take them directly after dinner and they don’t make me sick at all.


Comment by marathonmom.

Yeah you gotta take em on a full stomach. In elementary? My sister would take them on an empty stomach and then throw up at school just so she’d get to go home. So you know, you’re also setting a good example for your kids 🙂


Comment by Crisanna.

Flinstones chewables now have a multivitamin with an iron supplement. Just sayin’.


Comment by Leigha.

I have iron deficient anemia (done the blood transfusion thing too) and have scoured the internets in search of ways to get my iron naturally (read: food) and ways to help my body absorb iron (read: no coffee). Beet root juice powder is very high in iron, as are beets, and most beet root juice powder isn’t that disgusting. The same cannot be said for beets. I found some beet root juice crystals that dissolve in water. It adds a snap of color to my morning smoothie and is very palatable.

This has been a HUGE lifesaver as iron supplements make me naseous and also cause horrific constipation. I recommend giving it a try.



Comment by Karin.

Slow-FE is a really easy iron supplement to take. it’s a little pricey though!


Comment by Betty Herbert.

That iron thing sounds serious, lady, so do what you gotta do. As an anaemia veteran (I live such a glamorous life), I would suggest you can also make great strides to iron production by eating something iron-y every morning (eggs on brown toast?) with a glass of orange juice. Surprisingly effective.
Also, when you have the energy, start an exercise programme that builds muscle (weights, basically). This makes your red blood cell production more effective.
Every little helps. Stay well. x


Comment by Sophie.

The fish oil problem, of extreme disgustingness, not to mention the size of these damn horse pills, can be somewhat solved if you keep the pills in the freezer. The oil in them doesn’t freeze, but somehow the fish-burps seem to mostly go away.
I hate taking any pills on regular basis. Yuck.


Comment by Dana.

Thanks for all of the amazing advice women! Ya’ll seriously kick ass!


Comment by ZippyChix4.

I always use to get queasy when I took a multivitamin…for years I just took kids chewables as it was the only one that did not make me queasy. Centrum then came out with an adult chewable orange flavored vitamin. I can take this anytime of the day or night, with or without food and not get ill. Wooohooo!!! They now adorn my kitchen table so that I take one each morning:)


Comment by Hally.

I struggle with the fish oil myself from time to time. I take three pills each evening before bedtime. I always make sure to drink plenty and that I take each on seperately. I’ve done this for about 6 months. I have of course no idea wether or not it’s working, but the doctor has given her sign of approval and will keep it up for the next, oh, 50 years?

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