06 May
Name Kelcey’s Baby!

As you may know, our beloved Kelcey is expecting her 4th or 5th bundle of joy–a baby boy–virtually any day now, and the rest of us here at The Mouthy Housewives are giddy with excitement (and relief that it is not us about to give birth). Over the weekend, we’ve been brainstorming and bickering over the best gift to give our BFF as a don’t-call-it-a-push-present. Ultimately, we decided that material gifts are not nearly as amazing as those that come from our hearts and brains, which is why our offering is the gift of a name.

That’s right. We’re offering to name your child, Kelcey! (Sorry, probably should’ve told you to sit down first, as we’re sure you’re overcome with gratitude for such wonderful friends.) Creating an algorithm we remember from our stripper days, and pulling from some of Kelcey’s favorite things, this is what we have created:

kelcey baby name

We’re taking a name from the cast of Friday Night Lights, adding the name of our favorite candy, and VOILA! So here are our respective offerings.

Kristine: Riggins Zagnut

If this isn’t the most refined name for a baby boy you’ve ever heard, then you must hang out with some really fancy people. Take this gift, Kelcey, and run with it. Your son is going to really make a name for himself in this world. All thanks to me. (Well, and you, I guess…and your husband, if you want to get graphic about it.)

Marinka: Buddy Kit Kat

You’re welcome.  And so is your baby boy, Buddy.  I can see him in high school now– The Budster! The ladies love the Kit Kat! I’ll start monogramming that pillow now.

Karen: Saracen Heath

People use last names as first names all the time now. It’s super-cool. With this name your boy will have good looks, good sense, and the ability to put up with the most annoying girlfriend ever. Plus, he will have a crunchy toffee center.

Wendi: Coach Taylor Twizzler

The beauty of this name is that even if your new baby is a complete disaster at every sport, it won’t matter because his very name will guarantee he gets on the team! Baby Coach! And, if he desires, the Coach name will later get him a job in purse design. Score! Plus with a name like Twizzler, he’s probably going to be really skinny and really good at yoga and light up when he dresses in all red.

Be sure to wish Kelcey the best and use the algorithm to leave your gift in the comments below!

Happy Baby, Kelcey!

15 Responses to “Name Kelcey’s Baby!”


Comment by Melissa.

I never watched Friday Night Lights but I have a name I love that my hubby shot down for both of our boys (I’m still bitter) & I really enjoy the Milky Way candy bar. I think the child should be named Gabriel Milky Way.


Comment by diane429.

I never watched Friday Night Lights either (hope that doesn’t disqualify me). I’m picking a name I love, plus the requisite candy. I think it has a ring to it: Colin Snickers!!

Melissa Reply:

OMGosh! That name is AWESOME!!


Comment by Kelcey.

Wow. I am speechless. This gift is truly amazing. I can’t wait to tell my husband about all our new name possibilities. He had suggested Tami Taylor Candy Corn for a boy but I thought he was crazy. Now I realize I was the crazy one!

Kristine Reply:

That *does* have a nice ring to it. I won’t be offended if you pick it over my Riggins Zagnut one.

Karen Reply:

I have to admit, I am taking way too much pride in my name choice. It sounds kinda British, no? Or like something out of a Jackie Collins novel.


Comment by kc.

Well, I’ve never seen the show either, but with all the little Treys running around, you can’t forget Fourth (or 5th) Musketeer!


Comment by Cate8.

Luke Cafferty Crunch


Comment by MommyTime.

My favorite candy is a Heath bar, but I know that makes me look like a copy-cat, so I’m trying to come up with other options. I actually hate Goobers, but Garrity Goobers has a pretty nice ring to it. I also like Landry Almond Joy (and that’s a candy bar I can gobble right up).


Comment by Jess.

Smash Sweet Tart. Or maybe Garrity Gumdrop. If the next one’s a girl, Lyla Licorice! I LOVE this game.

Chrysula Reply:

Oh Jess, you have to be the winner. It doesn’t get any better than Smash Sweet Tart. Unless it’s Smash Salted Caramel?


Comment by dusty earth mother.

I’ve never seen the show either, but I offer:

Friday Fun Dip

He will be the life of the party.


Comment by Peyton Price.

rrrrrrRiggins Spree.
(Roll the R. I do. Every time.)


Comment by Mom of 4 Luds.

We already named our dog Lyla Garrity, so I can’t use that one. And Grandma Saracen Fruit Slice just makes for a way-too-complicated monogram. So how about Tyra Mounds?

(And you folks who’ve never watched FNL – wow do you have a treat ahead of you. Find it, rent it, stream it, WATCH IT!! It was a family event for us!)


Comment by photogswife.

Landry Clarke Bar–That was too easy.

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