01 Jun
Mouthing Off: The Catastrophe Award

A teacher in an Arizona classroom was handing out her end-of-the-year awards to her second-grade classroom two weeks ago. One can imagine sheets of colorful paper with things like “Perfect Attendance” and “Good Conduct” were being shared around the room.

How boring, amirite?!

Well, a certain Ms. Plowman seemed to think so. Because she awarded one particular student a “Catastrophe Award” for having the most excuses for missing homework that year. The recipient, eight year-old Cassandra Garcia, accepted the award while the rest of the class laughed at her.

Now that’s how you liven things up, teach!

Cassandra was rightfully humiliated, and her mother, outraged. Calls to the school were initially brushed off, but we imagine things are being handled now that the news has practically gone viral.

We here at the Mouthy Housewives, however, can’t stop thinking about poor Ms. Plowman. How will she EVER top this year’s award ceremony? Well, fear not, keeper of the nation’s future! We’ve come up with some additional awards that will be SURE to send your little ones home in tears!

(That’s the point, right?)












Aim high next year, parents!

7 Responses to “Mouthing Off: The Catastrophe Award”


Comment by tracey.

Those were awesome. I have a few kids who could have won a couple of those awards…


Comment by Kelly.

hahaha…so funny! I wish I had one for the little girl in my son’s grade 3 class who dresses like she’s 16 & insists on kissing him.
“Most likely to make their living on a pole.”


Comment by Heather.

I’d like to design similar spirited awards for teachers.

Kristine Reply:

Oooh, I love it. I wasn’t the biggest fan of my kid’s preK teacher this year.

Wendi Reply:

I’m in.


Comment by Danielle.

As a parent I’d be furious at the public humiliation but………….ashamed that my child was so bad at doing her homework she got the award. I mean really, what is a parent if not insisting that homework be completed at the table after dinner. No ice cream or going outside till it’s done amirite.


Comment by tracy@sellabitmum.

I won the ‘last picked for dodge ball’ every year. I still love that award.

These are hilarious!

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