13 Apr
Mouthing Off: Live Nude….Maids?

Recently, we heard about a sweet little company called the Lubbock Fantasy Maid Service. The Fantasy Maids are a group of entrepreneurial Texas gals who got tired of working in Gentleman’s Clubs and wanted a neater lifestyle. Which means now they’ll come to your house and clean it for $100 an hour—while they’re either topless or fully nude. And all we can say about that is, OMG WHERE THE HELL DO WE SIGN UP?!

Because seriously, if there’s anything we love more than housecleaning, it’s doing it with our jugs flapping in the wind. Don’t you all agree? Why, just think of all those bleach and ammonia fumes wafting their way up your lady parts, making you feel all mountain air fresh and tingly in the nethers! Who needs Summer’s Eve when your hoo-ha has Soft Scrub killing all the germs and caked-on grease inside? And of course it goes without saying that your naked ass will look absolutely gorgeous as you morosely push a Swiffer around the house and spray the shower for black mold and mildew. Rwor! SEXY, SEXY, SEXY TIMES!

Some other ways cleaning naked is a fabulous idea include:

You can polish the silver with your nipples!

And, well, that’s probably it. We should probably quit while we’re ahead here because Lord knows we don’t want the Nudie Housekeeping Association leaving us a hundred lengthy comments about our insensitivity to naked maids. Trust us, they can be quite vicious for a bunch of people who don’t even own pants.

Anyway, while this idea is definitely a little risque, we actually think the Fantasy Maids are the perfect answer for people who are, quite literally, dirty perverts. After all, if watching some hard working woman vacuum your carpet while she’s dressed like a drunk extra from Cabaret makes you hot, who are we to judge?

Oooh, you have (pant) such deep (pant) shag (pant), slobface!

Honestly, we’re just happy the filthy weirdos of the world will finally have their vegetable crispers cleaned out. (That is not a euphemism.) (OK, maybe it kind of is.)

But unfortunately, while we think this is a harmless little company, the Lubbock police department doesn’t agree. No, the coppers insist the Fantasy Maid Service is violating some kind of law or something. And that’s despite the Maids offering a very generous Law Enforcement Discount on their website, too. Um, hello, officers? Don’t you fellas want a waxed woman waxing your floor? Or your credenza gone over with by a bare breasted feather duster? (Again, not a euphemism.) (OK, maybe it kind of is.)

But listen, people. In our opinion, if these women are making money doing something that dirty perverts are willing to pay for and nobody’s getting hurt (or, allegedly, having sex) and the Slim Jim and pizza box littered studio apartments of Lubbock are finally being straightened up, who really cares? They’re all adults here, right? Hell, if someone wanted to clean our houses while naked and covered in cockroaches, we wouldn’t call 911.

Like they say, Cleanliness is next to Godliness. But you know what’s even better? Cleanliness next to Godliness next to Nakedness.

Especially in Lubbock.


To address a couple of our comments, yes, the Fantasy Maids send muscle to watch over the cleaners.

Thank you to Shari at Dusty Earth Mother for the heads up on this.

And, is that Wendi vacuuming? Seriously? Do you really think Wendi would ever….vacuum?


11 Responses to “Mouthing Off: Live Nude….Maids?”


Comment by Brett Minor.

I don’t know how it would be illegal, but I am curious what safeguards are taken to keep these women safe. It sounds like a sexual assault waiting to happen. There’s some weirdos out there.

Kass Reply:

Well out of curiosity I perused their website and they have a VERY lengthy “Important information” page that breaks down to:

If you touch the maid she leaves
If you proposition the maid she leaves
If you get naked in front of the maid she leaves (the exception is if you are a nudist and there is another person who is related to you present at all times)

Also there is “security nearby to enforce the rules”


Comment by dusty earth mother.

I knew you guys could do this one right 🙂 I’ll take the cockroach maid, please.


Comment by Amelia Sauter.

Is that a picture of Wendy in her underwear??

Amelia Sauter Reply:

I am truly sorry if I offended with that thoughtless comment. I should have said is that a picture of “Wendi” in her underwear. Please forgive me.


Comment by Danielle.

I’ve cleaned my house naked. Now I can get PAID to do that? FREAKING AWESOME!!!!!!!

Nude Cleaner Reply:

Yes you can go to http://www.nudehousecleaners.com and join free $$$ 75Hr


Comment by Plano Mom.

I’m starting one for the Moms who want their college student sons to actually clean up after themselves.

Send someone that looks like me, and tell them “don’t make me come back here.” They’d keep things spotless just to avoid naked me.

Cait Reply:

why stop with college students? I have a bunch of friends who could do with that service! And how about some big, fat, hairy men to whip the ladies into shape? 😀

Plano Mom Reply:

Appears we have a sound business plan taking shape.


Comment by Erin@MommyontheSpot.

You know, it’s hard enough to clean. And then to make it look sexy? Forget it.

And I’m totally with you on that whole bleach being too close to my lady bits. Ick. And ick to the creeps who want this.

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