20 Mar
Did William and Kate’s Half-Sister’s Cousin’s Friend Give Them A Wedding Gift?

Dear Mouthy Housewives,

My cousin is like a sister to me and we are super close. Her half-sister recently got married. I know her, but not very well. I think the last time I saw her was five or more years ago. Anyway, the half-sister sent me an email to tell me she got married. Should I send her a wedding gift? What’s the etiquette?


To Gift or Not to Gift

Dear To Gift or Not To Gift,

An etiquette question! Hooray! I just love etiquette questions! Mostly because I myself have impeccable manners. Oh, yes, it’s true. In fact, I always know exactly which piece of silverware to use when I’m stabbing a dinner companion in the neck because he won’t stop talking about his Cross Fit Training regimen in vivid detail. (Hint: It’s the steak knife!)

Now, before we discuss what you should do about your situation, let’s go over the sliding scale of appropriate wedding gifts per my vast gift giving experience:

If it’s for your dearest friend since childhood — Tiffany

If it’s for your dearest friend since college — Macy’s

If it’s for your sister or brother — Crate and Barrel and/or a homemade item that has sentimental value and will most likely end up in their garage under a moldy hammock and ten paint cans and then you will not speak to them again until they have a baby or buy a time share in Hawai.

If it’s for your boss — Pottery Barn

If it’s for your boss you hate — Liquor Bar

If it’s for your co-worker — Regift

If it’s for your co-worker you hate — Regift mulch

And, if it’s for your cousin’s half sister who notified you via email that she got married — I really don’t think you need to knock yourself out. After all, you’re more acquaintances with her than anything, right? Just because you’re super close to her half-sister doesn’t mean you’re obligated to do much, so that’s why I think a very nice card with a personal message written inside will suffice.

However, if you’d like to celebrate her love and the start of her new life with her husband, I’m sure any kind of small gift from you would be greatly appreciated.

Maybe even a steak knife.

Good luck,

Wendi, TMH

5 Responses to “Did William and Kate’s Half-Sister’s Cousin’s Friend Give Them A Wedding Gift?”


Comment by Dawn.

Only if there is an invitation attached to it is there any “obligation” so to speak.


Comment by Plano Mom.

1. Are you genuinely excited for her, and want to share your blessings to help them get off to a great start, knowing they will appreciate and use your thoughtful gift?

2. There is no #2. If the answer to number 1 is anything other than yes, you’re giving for reasons beyond your best wishes for the couple. Why do that for someone you hardly know who has little influence on your daily life and/or emotional state?


Comment by Tonya.

You can’t forget:
for the bitch in highschool who stole your boyfriend — see Tanya Harding or Amy Fisher

And for Maryann who lives down the street and has to try and show you up at every turn — a years subscription to Bedwetters Anonymous


Comment by MommyTime.

First off, you don’t have to give a gift. But if you genuinely want to be supportive and congratulatory, but you don’t want to spend a lot of money, then I recommend that you go to a wine shop and ask them for a recommendation for a bottle of wine that will age nicely and be perfect in five years. Then buy it and add a nice little card about how you hope this will be a fun way to help celebrate their fifth anniversary, and tell you you wish them many more years of happiness.


Comment by Emily.

No, you do not. I did not expect wedding gifts, period. But, I certainly did not send out announcements to get more of them or tell people via internet or word of mouth for gifts. She just wants to let you know. If you feel like sending a gift, please feel free. But no obligations. A kindly worded email response will suffice.

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