01 Aug
Countdown to Funkytown!

So, I know how you guys have just been begging us to just throw a party already because we “seem so awesome” and “have that youthful glow” and know how to “find the best cabana boys.”

I mean, I could’ve SWORN I heard it somewhere. Wasn’t you guys, you say?

Well, whatever.

The point here is that The Mouthy Housewives have listened (to the voices in their head) and have been planning an amazing party for the past several weeks. And now we’re mere days away from the spectacular event! On August 4th, from 6 to 8 PM, Kristine, Marinka, Wendi, and Kelcey will be hosting half of the Come as You Are party with the gals over at Aiming Low.If you’ll be anywhere near New York City and the BlogHer ’12 convention, you absolutely cannot miss it!

There will be cocktails. There will be prizes. There will be cotton candy. There may be a drunken housewife. AND THERE WILL BE MAYHEM! (Mayhem is the name we’ve given to our photo booth.)

Until then, us ladies will continue working on coordinating our outfits. So far, we have narrowed it down to the following selections:




Can’t wait to see you there! Please don’t copy our outfits!

img src, img src, img src

3 Responses to “Countdown to Funkytown!”


Comment by Erin@MommyontheSpot.

Cotton candy? So there!


Comment by Steph.

So you have a dress for Marinka, Wendi, and Kelcey, but where is Kristine’s dress?? Sorry, couldn’t resist:)


Comment by dusty earth mother.

Can’t wait, ladies. And I choose Dress #2. This is a contest, right?

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