20 Jul
Are You Ready For BlogHer?

Because it’s coming up in less than two weeks and we are getting excited!

And not just because we are hosting the fabulous Come As You Are Party on Saturday night.  You’ll be there, right? We’ll be the dashingly beautiful gals who look decades younger for their age, in case you’d like to come say hello.

In preparation for the BlogHer12 conference in NYC this August, The Mouthy Housewives are brushing off our favorite tips for the gathering. So whether it’s your first BlogHer or kazillionth, make sure to review our advice for having fun at BlogHer!

1. Wake up in the hotel room and enjoy the fact that you will not have to clean it. You don’t even have to make your bed if you don’t want to. (Unless you’re Martha Stewart’s roommate, of course.)

2. Have a few bloggers that you’d like to meet and then introduce yourself.  Try curtsying while doing so to really make an impression.

3. Practice giving out your business cards in front of a mirror.

4. If you’re too shy to approach new people, hire a representative to network on your behalf so you can hide in your room and order room service wine by the bottle. (Make sure the representative looks just like you, but 10 years younger and/or  10 ounces lighter.)

5. Don’t let anyone make you feel silly for taking advantage of free stuff. Unless you’re going crazy over those dishwasher soap samples because, come on. That’s just embarrassing and desperate.

6. Dress to impress! We recommend a floor-length ball gown or tuxedo. This is your professional brand on the line, after all. You also can’t go wrong with an all-leather look. It is NYC, girlfriend.

7. Confused about which panel to attend? Just go to the room where you hear laughter, not snoring, coming from the audience. And remember, there are no dumb questions unless they’re about your cat. Or pastrami sandwiches.

8. Do not attempt to organize a Beliebers cocktail party. (Unless you really want to organize a Beliebers cocktail party. Have fun at the Beliebers cocktail party!)

9. Do not leave that conference without saying hello to one of us Housewives! Wave, smile, scowl, toss a paper airplane–whatever it takes to let us know you’re there. We’ll probably even be open to bear hugs! They do serve wine at BlogHer, so you never know what crazy things will happen!

10. Be confident! It can be overwhelming to be around so many new faces, but if it makes you feel better, Kristine has an awkward mole on her neck that she’ll spend most of her time hiding. We’re all in this together!

Have fun at BlogHer and we’ll see you there!

7 Responses to “Are You Ready For BlogHer?”


Comment by Alexandra.

I’m so happy to be seeing some of the funniest women I’ve ever known.

I love all of you mouthy housewives.


Comment by Winnie.

I can’t wait to attend BlogHer’12. It is my first time, and will be at the party too. You guys are hysterical and I am taking your tips and going to have fun (even though I am one of the shy ones…)


Comment by Nicole.



Comment by The Flying Chalupa.

Damn, I wish I were going so I could wear my all-leather outfit. I read this post every year and love it.


Comment by Kim at Let Me Start By Saying.

I’ll be there. I’m hiring a similarly-giant pale blonde girl in glasses to represent me. If she says anything terribly stupid to any of you, or wears too much perfume, HER ASS IS FIRED.


Comment by dusty earth mother.

I’m comin’ as I am. With all my moles.


Comment by Erin@MommyontheSpot.

Yay! I’ll be there! Hope to see you guys there!

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