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Does This Baby Weight Make Me Look Fat?

It’s Guest Post Thursday! I know, isn’t it weird how it just sneaks up on you every time? I swear, I’ve hardly hung up my Guest Post Thursday decorations before it’s time for Crying In The Closet Friday.But today we’re very excited to welcome one of the sweetest, coolest internets people out there—-Kristen Seymour! Kristen is young, pretty, super fit and funny and for those reasons, I should probably shun her in the lunchroom. But I won’t because I’m a BIG PERSON and she’s really, really nice. Be sure to follow her on Twitter (@kgseymour), check out her v. entertaining blogs Jeez-0-Petes and Fit Bottomed Girls and welcome her to TMH! Thanks, Kristen! — Wendi


Dear Mouthy Housewives,

I had a baby six months ago and still have 30 pounds to lose. (I took “eating for two” to heart, what can I say?) I really can’t afford a gym, but I don’t like exercise tapes, either. Plus I’m usually completely exhausted and want to spend the few minutes I have to myself either sleeping or using my computer. In short, I’m not motivated to exercise, but I need to do something. Any ideas?


New Mom, New Muffintop


Dear NMNM,

First off, congrats on the new baby! I’m with you on the eating for two — if I wanted a baby, like, even a little bit, I would totally have one just for the extra grub I could get away with eating. Shoot, why do you think I run and swim as much as I do? TO EAT. That’s it.

So, here’s the thing. In theory, weight loss is easy — burn more calories than you consume. Piece of cake, right? Mmmmm, cake … WAIT. Stop. Sorry, that’s not helpful. Where was I?

Right. Weight loss. I’m going to give you three super simple, foolproof tips to help you drop that weight in a safe, easy way. And, I’m even going to tell you how to do it without wanting to murder anyone who dares to eat a piece of pizza in front of you. Well, probably, anyway. It kind of depends on how stabby you are to begin with. I’m going to assume you’re within normal stabby ranges when properly fed and rested; if that’s not the case, well, I cannot be held responsible.

1. Weight loss has more to do with food intake than exercise (which would explain why there are no size 6 dresses in my closet despite the mileage on my sneakers). But, you’re busy, tired, and are dealing with major life changes as you adapt to parenthood. In short, you’re probably not in a place where you want to drastically change your diet.So, rather than an overhaul, focus only on the areas where you tend to have a problem. Are you a mindless snacker? A night eater? Do you eat large portions at meals? Whatever your downfall, there’s a solution — veggies. Snack on them, eat them at night when you want something crunchy, and fill a good portion of your plate with them at dinner; you’ll feel fuller, curb cravings, and not have to deal with breaking a habit.

2. Being active is still helpful, though, so find something active that you enjoy. You mentioned not digging workout videos, but not being able to afford a gym. What is it that you would do at the gym that you can’t do at home?I mean, it’s no skin off my nose if you don’t like workout DVDs, period-the-end, but you should also know that there are a TON of different options. Like, way more out there than Jazzercize and Jane Fonda. Walking, weights, yoga, dance, you name it, it’s out there. Might be worth checking around to see if one clicks. If you find a few fitness blogs you like (cough*Fit Bottomed Girls*cough), you just might see a review of a video that doesn’t sound like a total drag.

3. Last, but far from least, enlist the help of friends. Whenever I get in a slump — and it happens to absolutely everybody, honest — I turn to anyone who’ll hear me out and give me some motivation. I rely on local friends to meet me for a run or a long walk with the dogs; I’d never get to the pool for a morning workout if someone wasn’t meeting me. And, I go to Twitter when I need a little instant motivation — there’s always someone online who’ll tell you to go get sweaty, and believe me, they’ll be there to listen once you’re done and ready to brag, too!

In the meantime, let me leave you with one other pearl of wisdom. Don’t wait until you fit back in your skinny jeans to allow yourself to feel like a hot mama. Make sure there are a couple of items in your closet that make you feel good now, at your current weight. Maybe it’s flowy dress in a great pattern — hey, I bet one of the Mouthy Housewives even has a spare caftan in her closet — or a belted tunic that shows off curves. The point is, although you should totally celebrate reaching your weight loss goals when you meet them (and you will), you should also feel beautiful now, and at every stage in between.

Good luck!

Kristen, Guest TMH

5 Responses to “Does This Baby Weight Make Me Look Fat?”


Comment by Ace.

I agree that you should celebrate all the milestones. I’m 8 months pregnant now and have gained 50 lbs and am just starting to wonder if they will ever come off. I have ALWAYS said though that no matter how big or small I am, having clothes that fit really truly helps. Even if it’s just one outfit, it makes a difference. Don’t just plan on rewarding yourself in the very end – reward your efforts now!


Comment by Plano Mom.

Excellent advice. I would share a couple more tips:
1. Start cutting down on salt. Americans get entirely too much in our diet, and it affects every system in our bodies. It only takes a couple of weeks to get used to less salty food. And when you do, you’ll discover that most food that is bad for you will be too salty to eat.
2. Whatever you decide to do to get exercise, don’t skip it just because you don’t have much time. A 10 minute walk around the block might be all you can accomplish that day, but it’s better than nothing and those little walks add up!


Comment by Mrs. Dee.

Great advice here! It’s more about finding what clicks with you. I’m more of an anti-habit person and get bored with repetitious activities, but I found something that clicked for me and helped me lose the 25 pounds of baby weight I gained plus the extra 10 lbs of Newlywed weight. It also boosted my self confidence at the same time and taught me to love any shape of my figure. And 8 years later, still taking my weekly bellydance class 😉


Comment by rojopaul.

Number 1, my doctor told me 9 months on, allow at least 9 months off. Don’t expect to be in your skinny jeans by now. Number 2, if you are in a nice climate, talk the baby for a walk in the stroller. It’s free, it’s good exercise for you and the baby will LOVE it. Number 3, if you can’t get into munching on veggies all day, just eat half of whatever you would normally eat. But be careful, because if you are nursing, you might still need to be taking in calories for the baby’s sake. And I agree with buying a little something new that you feel good in (and don’t pay attention to what size it is). The weight will come off soon enough! Last but not least, enjoy the baby. The time goes by TOO FAST.


Comment by Avprobeauty.

Best advice:
whole foods plant based diet OR go vegetarian for a couple of weeks. DO the research first. There are plenty of resources out there to help you if YOU really want to lose weight, you can.

First and most important thing, you NEED to get motivated. nobody else is going to push you to walk for 15 minutes a day, only YOU can. Set small goals for yourself. If everyday you’re telling yourself you need to lose 30 pounds, 50 pounds, whatever it will ‘weight’ you down psychologically. Instead, set small goals for yourself.

‘This week I’m going to lose 2 pounds, and I’m going to do it by not drinking soda anymore and focusing on drinking water this week’.

Week 2, lose another 2 lbs:
‘I’m going to lose two pounds this week, this is how I’m going to do it, etc etc. ‘.

If you lose more than 2, great! But set realistic goals for yourself or you will give up.

And key thing here is DIET is NOT the only thing, you HAVE to excercise. There is no ‘magic’ pill or solution so stop making excuses, and get out there!!

Good luck.

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