19 Nov
We Hope You Like French Maid Costumes, Anissa

Sometimes things happen in life that aren’t funny. At all.

Anissa Mayhew, a fellow parenting blogger who is well-respected and much loved in the community, had a massive stroke Tuesday afternoon. As we write this, she is still unconscious in the ICU.

Words just sort of fail you during times like these.

But if you read about Anissa, you’ll know she would commit random (and we hope psychosexual) acts upon us if she knew we went too far with worrying over her. So let us reiterate Sam from Temporarily Me‘s tweet:


We won’t resist either. In fact, Anissa, pull through this and The Mouthy Housewives will come over and clean your house in French maid costumes. Pinkie swear.

Whatever it is that you, our readers, can do, whether it’s pray, meditate, dance naked in the dew by the glow of the moon, please join us in sending loving energy to Anissa and her family. Mamapop is posting updates on her condition and Aiming Low has information of how you can help.

And that is our advice for today.

So much love to you, Anissa,

The Mouthy Housewives

2 Responses to “We Hope You Like French Maid Costumes, Anissa”


Comment by IowaCowgirl.

Anissa is on my prayer list. And I have a direct line (with three teenagers it’s used alot). Now a favor for me:

Would it be possible for your good readers to vote for Suzanne McMinn, a blogger wanting to better herself and family? Her site is: http://suzannemcminn.com/ and the voting takes place at http://www.sam-e.com/job/entries
You would be doing a very good thing!


Comment by sam {temptingmama}.

Love that you picked that tweet to share HAHA

Still rooting for Anissa, always!

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