25 Nov
The Thankful Housewives

It’s Thanksgiving and The Mouthy Housewives are feeling thankful!  Thankful for our families, our children, our compression undergarments and our well-stocked liquor cabinets.  But mostly we’re thankful for the blogs that fill our days with laughter and warm our hearts with whatever it is that warms hearts.

The list below is full of people who we think are the writers that make us a community, and we toast them at our virtual Thanksgiving table.  Thank you, ladies, for all that you give and for not making fun of us when we shotgun two pumpkin pies in under 20 minutes.

And since we’re a little cheap here at The Mouthy Housewives, we’re going to make this a Thanksgiving potluck and ask all of you readers to add in the blogs for which you’re thankful this year. It might even be your own or (ahem) one of ours. But we ask that you just take a couple of minutes and let us know.

Blogs We Love:


The Flying Chalupa

These Are the Days

The 52 Seductions

The Days are Just Packed

Her Bad Mother

Peace Love and Guacamole

A Road with a View

Ann’s Rants


Earth Mother Just Means I’m Dusty

Is There Any Mommy Out There?

Late Enough

Mom 101

The Tales of Princess Mikkimoto

Scary Mommy

Classy Chaos

The Bitchin Wives Club

Deb On The Rocks

Lost in the Chaos

I’m Gonna Kill Him



Hollywood: Where Hot Comes to Die

The Extraordinary Ordinary

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! (And if we forgot you, feel free to come over and throw your leftovers at us. Especially the stuffing.)

15 Responses to “The Thankful Housewives”


Comment by Bean.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all! Thanks for starting so many of my days with a snicker, snort or laugh.


Comment by By Word of Mouth.

Have a great holiday weekend ladies!
Great list you have going there, with The Mouthy Housewives taking the lead, of course!


Comment by Karen.

My faves are mentioned upstairs but one left out @bernthis and http://shleegyrocks.blogspot.com/


Comment by kim.

I love the mama bird diaries….she rocks. Happy turkey day.


Comment by The Flying Chalupa.

You are the best! And I’m honored to be included. Have a wonderful holiday.


Comment by dusty earth mother.

Very honored to be on your list. And I’m thankful for the daily laughs from you guys. Mwah to Marinka, Kelcey, Wendi and Heather.


Comment by Louise.

Another great blog is http://www.shaunaglenn.com!


Comment by Liz @ Peace, Love & Guacamole.

Thanks for the mention, you awesome chicas!

Hope you are resting up well (or at least drinking heavily) after all that pie shotgunning!


Comment by Jennifer.

I have never been in such good company – thank you! (Also, thanksabunch for leaving the pecan pie for me. You get me.)

To this great list, I would add:
byflutter.com (oh, her lovely words)
plantingdandelions.com (Kyran Pittman’s new online home)
slouchingmom.com (the writing: gorgeous)

…and (as if you didn’t know how much I adore you): motherhoodinnyc.com, bernthis.com and mamabirddiaries. Love you. xo


Comment by Emily.

I didn’t make stuffing because I don’t like it and ain’t no one getting my leftover pie. So, how ’bout I just say “Happy Thanksgiving”?


Comment by hokgardner.

I am thankful to have been included in this list of funny, talented writers.

Belated happy thanksgiving to you all.


Comment by Betty Herbert.

Aw thanks for the mention, gorgeous Mouthy Housewives. I couldn’t be more chuffed *whispers* Don’t tell anyone, but you’re my favourites.


Comment by Leigh Ann.

I am thankful to have a slew of blogs I need to check out. And I adore all of your blogs. I have even been known to do a little secret spineless whining now and again. And again. Oh, and again. 🙂


Comment by mom101.

Aw maaaannn… way to make a girl humble. I’m thankful for you all right back.


Comment by Alex@LateEnough.

omg you guys! all the money and compliments about your great butt…ons on your blogs really paid off!

Seriously, thank you! Happy Hanugivingmas!

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