23 Jun
Jon Minus Kate Multiplied By My Being Addicted to the Show

Dear Mouthy Housewives,

On Monday night I watched a very special episode of Jon & Kate Plus Eight and heard the devastating news that Jon and Kate are ending their marriage.   Although many people saw this coming, I was very upset about their marriage falling apart so publicly. And as an avid viewer of the show, and reader of the tabloids, I felt at least somewhat responsible.   I mean, I know that I didn’t cause their separation, but aren’t I sort of part of the problem?


The Viewer


Dear Viewer,

You are not part of the problem, you are part of the solution. Because with their marriage on their rocks, if you stop watching now, how will they support those kids?

As Americans, we have a lot on our collective conscience so let me lighten your moral load by reassuring you that your enjoyment of Jon & Kate Plus Eight has in no way contributed to their marital woes. If the fans had that kind of power, I would enjoy Brangelina a lot more.

Jon and Kate are, I assume, adults.   With free will and decision making powers.   They chose to live their life in the limelight of reality television, to reap its reward$ and face the consequences.   In the wise words of Kate Gosselin, they did this show “for the children.”   And she has a point.   As parents, we all walk the tightrope of spending time with our children, domestic chores, work in and out of the home and other responsibilities. Add to that our desire   for and Kodak’s insistence that we capture precious childhood memories on film and you see many of us praying for a safety net.

Jon and Kate found that safety net in TLC. Because for absolutely no charge, TLC films the Gosselin children so that Jon and Kate don’t have to.   If you don’t watch, why would they film? And if they stopped filming, how could Jon and Kate do all that they do and still record the kids’ antics for posterity?   Do you know how much film it would take for eight kids?   Why would you wish that on Jon and Kate, who are already going through so much?

Although you certainly are not responsible for their marital discord, if you do feel very upset about their lifechanging news, perhaps you should sit out the next few episodes.   Repeat episodes of Real Housewives of New Jersey can be especially soothing during this difficult time.


Marinka, TMH

11 Responses to “Jon Minus Kate Multiplied By My Being Addicted to the Show”


Comment by FYI.

I thought you may want to know, especially if your site gets bombarded by negative Kate Gosselin haters, that on the site blog called Gosselins With Out Pity (nicknamed GWOPpers), they posted your URL so that their Kate Haters would come here and swarm your site with their snarky comments. Just thought you may want to know in case you get overwhelmed with CLINICAL MENTAL PATIENTS visiting your site! Here is their URL where they posted your url, and believe me, these housewives, whoa, are perhaps some thing you may be interested in blogging about on your site. They only allow a certain mentality of posts to go through, just scan a few pages, it’s all by moderators who only allow negative hate against the Gosselins, they think they single handedly can bring the Gosselin Family and the J&K Plus 8 show down through keystrokes.


They are very good as swarming sites, writing into promotorers on the show like Crooked Houses, Juicy Juice and writing them how they will boycott their products if they don’t pull them off the J&K show, reporters they contact at gossip sites and magazines, (gossip mags and sites are their BIBLE for their blog), turning the Gosselin’s into CPC, Humane Society, PA professionals on child exploitation, etc. Even contacting a blogger named Carla that helps out the Gosselins and has been on their show before, they found her page (serious stalkers and online bullies and harassers, so if you try to say some thing rational back to any of these GWOPpers if they do swarm your page with negative comments and then they attack you, be warned, these are some miserable people who feed each other’s hatred.) They attacked Carla’s blog, a very beautiful Christian lady, and unleashed the worst of the worst in comments because she knows the Gosselins. UGH.

Good luck, just thought you may want a heads up if you get LOTS OF HITS to your site and snark comments.


Comment by christy.

I deleted the show from the auto record setting on my dvr after last night’s show!


Comment by Andrea's Sweet Life.

I didn’t realize the Gosselins were so poor that they had to use film instead of digital. Now that is sad.

I still haven’t ever watched the show, but Marinka, your public service announcement may get me watching after all.


Comment by wendi.

Um, does this mean that Jon’s single now? Hold me back.


Comment by amy2boys.

I’ve never watched the show. So – whatever I guess.


Comment by RealityRN.

Well, it is what it is. As a nurse – when someone is gravely wounded – the CURE is straightforward.

Stop the bleeding. Simple. So – stop the show and the gravy train.

Kate – (and Jon) well guys, lets hope the ride is over. You were blessed with a healthy set of twins in a little suburbia house with a great supportive church and gainful employment and IT WAS NOT ENOUGH. So, whatta you do?

Kate (and the presumably educated Jon) decided to spin the wheel of fortune and came up with six!!! YeeHaw!!! At first they seemed genuinely grateful and humble – but, money and the fame game knocked and WELCOME – help us?? We are just simple people having babies at the costs of tens of thousands of dollars and now – cha-ching! – we won!!!???

THEY knew what they were getting into! Now that they are GETTING OUT let’s allow them to get back to what they were – living the life that they wanted. Back to work – daycare for the kiddies after school. Worry about picking up extra shifts to pay for school clothes and christmas presents. Fret about all the “moments and milestones” you are missing in the lives of your children because of your work demands. I hope that your bosses are as flexible as mine are – sick kids – well, you better use your vacation time and if you are out of time – you are out of luck AND absent without approval. (This really sucks when promotions come up or even that pesky “raise” of 2% is based on merit!!)

KATE – go back to work. At the hospital – pull those 12 hour shifts busting your ungrateful ass and kissing the ungrateful ass of everyone else. It will be good for you and you NEED to work now that the JOB of taking care of your family NO LONGER PAYS REAL MONEY!!! Sucks doesn’t it???

I know many mommies that are desperate for the chance to STAY HOME and CARE for their kids (and to get paid to do it – with lots of free activities and trips and stuff!! FANTASY LAND!!!) – well, you have certainly squandered your good fortune.

And Jon – are you really that freaking stupid? Come on – no real excuse for you! You willfully “submitted” and you WON the reproductive lottery as well. You have had nothing but contempt for Kate and your family and showed it almost from the start. (The eye rolling, mocking and lack of diligence – those were dead give-a-ways!) Well, take that contempt and look for a job!!! It will will tough – the IT industry has been hit hard and you’ll need to man up! Nahhh – just walk around angry and blame anyone and everyone else for your station in life. After all – it is all for the KIDS!!!

This is one BLESSING that carried a CURSE – and now we all know who the real victims will be – SHAME ON BOTH OF YOU.

Kate – take your skanky controlling obsessive and mean self and GET SOME HELP. I’m sure your trailer trash upbringing is all to blame – but, what excuse will your kids have?


Jon – you are a geeky slimeball. Do you really think that your LOVE prospects are that great? After the child support is worked out (once this financial fantasy you guys have been on dies up and IT WILL!!) and you are having to work to support 8 children it will take most of that mojo out of you. Most “hot chicks” are less than attracted to a balding, hair-plugged angry man in a 1 bedroom apartment that blames “another woman” for his plight. Your sorry childish ass will really have something to feel bad about then!!!

Sucks to be you – either of you. Wait – it is both of you that just suck!



Comment by witchypoo.

Myyyyyyyyyyyyy goodness! It appears that not only does everyone love a train wreck, but they have very strong opinions about said train wreck.


Comment by Lady Fi.

I live in Europe and have never heard of the Gosselins… Who are they? And why are they so famous?


Comment by tmanettas.

Ugh, I had to turn that show off, somewhere between the sextuplets 2nd and 4th birthday. If I want to look at sofas swarming with laundry and children yelling and a mom with a Flock Of Seagulls haircut I could A)turn around B)look around and C)click onto VH1.


Comment by LISA5OF5.

Hey, RealityRN, you don’t have gun permit, do you?


Comment by Maria.

So it’s kind of like making sure we go shopping so the terrorists don’t win!? Right?

As I just commented on bossy (from whence I came) I feel that as Americans who voyeur together we should also pay for 8 therapists together.

Meanwhile, let’s go shopping!

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