15 Jan
I’m Thinking Of Getting My Kid Her Own Apartment. Problem Is She’s 10.

7 Responses to “I’m Thinking Of Getting My Kid Her Own Apartment. Problem Is She’s 10.”


Comment by daynovel.

No sex before you’re dead and buried?! Fabulous. That’s the next thing I say to my teen girls. Can’t wait til they get back from school and Uni. Mind you, it might make them want to kill me to clear the way….hmmm.


Comment by Casey.

So you’re implying that there’s sex after children? Really?


Comment by CSY.

Hubs and I have 3 kids {12, 10 and 8}…they all know that when the radio is on in our room – STAY AWAY FROM THE FLIPPING door! If they don’t like hearing it – they can put ear muffs on!


Comment by Ann.

Shoot her?



Comment by the mama bird diaries.

oh jessica, you crack me up. Thanks for the laugh. And I like CSY’s tip for ear muffs.


Comment by Pritiwoman.

I love the “no sex till I’m dead and buried.” YOU go, girl! YOu definitely belong on TV. Geez, I hear NBC has a 10 pm slot open. Have you looked into it?


Comment by Janey.

We save our romping for when the kids are not home or in the wee hours of the morning. You know, WHEN we do it..

But this woman needs to be more creative! Quickies in the basement or bathroom (in the shower perhaps?)

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