29 Jun
Holy Catch Phrase, Batman!

Dear Mouthy Housewives,

I’m considering coining my own catch phrase–not only for use as an electronic signature, but also to make a lasting impression in social situations. Paris Hilton had “That’s HOT.” I, however, had a failed attempt at incorporating a new version of Dang–“DZANG” into the lexicon of Ebonics, and this time I’d like some professional guidance. Any suggestions?


What You Talkin’ Bout, Willis?


Dear What You Talkin’ Bout,

As you obviously realize, having your own catch phrase is a wonderful thing. In fact, it’s a trend as American as steroid-ridden baseball and genetically-modified apple pie. For example, The Donald has “You’re fired!”  Emeril has “Bam!” and Bret Michaels has “I’m sorry for giving you a raging case of herpes; I hope this won’t affect your pole dancing career.”   I know, we’re talkin’ Dy-No-Mite, right?

But while your own signature expression is a great way to make people remember who you are, it’s important to have the right one. For example, last year I thought it’d be a good idea to walk into my PTO meetings and scream, “Yo, where my bitches at?!” It was only later that I found out–via various e-mails, phone calls and notarized legal documents-that this was not, in fact, an appropriate catch phrase for me, and one better suited to those members of our society currently residing at Chino State Prison. Honestly, some people are just so narrow-minded.

Now, what you need to do to come up with a new, hip saying is easy. Simply find a random gaggle of toddlers, hand them each a giant bag of jellybeans, then just sit back, relax and write down every cra-zay-zee thing that pops out of their little, sticky mouths. Bing, bang, boom–new catch phrase! (Rumor has it that’s how the legendary “Kiss My Grits” was discovered.)

And if that still doesn’t work, I wouldn’t worry about it. Something tells me you’re already funny, quirky and interesting enough to be remembered no matter what you say.

Yours truly,

Wendi, TMH

And congratulations to MommyTime! Her hilarious “Secret Recipe for Driving Mama Crazy” was chosen by Nava Atlas as the winner of our first book giveway.

5 Responses to “Holy Catch Phrase, Batman!”


Comment by Lizzie.

oh I am shocked you weren’t welcomed with open arms at the PT meeting?!

Thanks for the morning laughs 🙂


Comment by Marinka.

I was recently forced to eliminate “for shizzle” as a contender as my person catchphrase. Because I couldn’t even get away with it in my bathroom mirror.


Comment by Lori@Not Always Charming.

OMG…you are a mess!

I don’t understand about the PTA meeting. What did you do wrong? Maybe you should seriously consider a Baptist education, like the one I send my daughter to. Imagine their surprise when they meet a mom like me!


Comment by Ann.

Sage advice, sage advice.

Maybe I will try on some new accessories instead.

I know…



Comment by admin.

I have jelly beans in my cabinet right now and I’ve got a kid and she’s got friends. Should make for an interesting jam session, so to speak

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