02 Jul
Hola Loverboy

Dear TMH:

I know that infidelity is despicable and the Governor of South Carolina’s behavior is just unforgivable.   But a part of me is a bit jealous. I wouldn’t mind getting a break from the kiddos and the husband for a few days and flying off to Argentina for a passionate affair.   Is there something wrong with me?


Thank God I’m not the Governer


Dear Thank God:

There is nothing wrong with you wanting to get away from the whining, the fighting, the me, me, me, all the bottles, the laundry and the constant need to tell him he’s a great husband.

In my personal universe we call that “divorce.”

As far as the kids go, I understand. Of course you can’t divorce them, and surely you wouldn’t want to EVERY day, but needing a break from them is completely normal.

However, needing a break in the form of a hot, Latino man, although completely understandable and preferential to let’s say an Eskimo, might not be the “break” you’re looking for as you can well see by what’s happening to Governor Sanford. The suffering you will endure at the hands of all who know you would likely outweigh the unbelievable joy you would get from running your hands all along your new lover’s unbelievably hot, muscular body while he whispers, “te amo mi bonita” over and OVER and OVER……

Whoa! Sorry, lost myself there for a sec, but I’m back.

The point I’m trying to make here is that as far as wanting to get away from your life as   you know it so that you can live out the ongoing fantasy of anyone who draws a breath is totally normal, but not worth it. In the end, I’d recommend taking the time and energy you would need to plan that trip to South America (in such a way that your husband would think you were off trying to stick your mother in a nursing home) and instead put together a weekend away with him that the two of you will never forget.

With the economy still in the crapper, you should get some great deals.   Start at Expedia and once you settle on your destination, go to Yelp and find out the best restaurants and hotels from those who have been there before you.   The rest? It’s up to you.

Have fun,


Jessica,   TMH

6 Responses to “Hola Loverboy”


Comment by Inna.

sounds like a great vacation!!! I say she leave the kids with the grandmothers.


Comment by Wendi.

Great answer, Jessica.

But what do you have against Eskimos?


Comment by Ashlie- Mommycosm.

There’s nothing wrong with dreaming of an escape – the wrong part is actually following through.

Might I suggest a mom’s day off involving a masseuse – you could request a hunky guy if it helps…then go home to your husband and kids a little more refreshed.


Comment by christy.

Love the answer to this one…and man it makes me want to book a mini vacation!


Comment by Aludra.

If traveling is out of the question due to time or money constraints I suggest doing an “in town vacation” where you pretend and even announce that you are leaving town for who-knows where, but instead book a really nice hotel in a nearby city, and get reservations at a nice resteraunt, and if you were really loving the idea of an Argentina get away thing you could bring along decorations that would make you feel like you’re there. Make Argentina come to you instead 🙂

And yeah, there’s nothing wrong with dreaming. The problem is when you decide you don’t care enough to stop yourself from hurting the people around you and actually act on those fantasies.

My current personal fantasy involve the wizard Harry Dresden, but I know that this too shall pass. Most likely the second I pick up a book from a new series.


Comment by Amo.

My husband and I have an agreement. Since he’s older, once he gets too old to be fun, I can have a pool boy.

Probably need him to build a pool before his knees and back get worse though…

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