26 Jun
Girl Gone Wild

Dear Mouthy Housewives,

Recently my older sister and I  went on a little weekend  trip with a few girlfriends, and a whole lot of tequila was imbibed.   My sister got completely wasted and we were kicked out of the bar because she a) took off her shirt b) mooned the DJ c) grabbed random guys’ asses while they danced with their girlfriends d) took off her shoes and threw them and e) fell down on the dance floor.

Being the least drunk, I got her the hell out of there and back to our hotel room where she passed out.   She doesn’t remember anything about her drunken behavior.   Should I tell her or just laugh at her behind her back?


Party Pooper


Dear Party Pooper,

As a woman who spent four years living in New Orleans (and yes, I STILL miss that city), I certainly can appreciate a party girl. And as I once said back in college, “When you’ve lost your shoes, it’s definitely time to go home.” So clearly, I’m no stranger to some tequila-fueled nights.

But in my opinion, while it was very kind of you to take care of her that night, there really is no extra fun in making fun of your own sister behind her back.   In fact, I’m wondering if this is the first time your sister has displayed this kind of drunken behavior because it could absolutely signal an alcohol problem. Taking off one’s shirt, mooning DJ’s and falling on the floor goes a bit beyond just a “fun night out with the girls.” If this is the case, you should give her all the embarrassing details of that evening and express your concerns about how she handles her alcohol.

But if I’m wrong and your sister was just letting off a little steam, then by all means laugh at her drunken antics. Just do it with her, not behind her back. And heck, if they start auditions for “The Hangover Part 2,” your sister should be a shoe-in.

Oh, and don’t forget to invite me on the next girls’ weekend. It’s been ages since I grabbed some random guy’s ass.


Kelcey, TMH

3 Responses to “Girl Gone Wild”


Comment by Akilah Sakai.

Definitely tell her! I’d want to know if I was that wild and laugh about it with my sister … then cry later.

Hell, I’d want pictures, too.


Comment by christy.

If I was her, I’d definitely want to know so I could laugh at myself with you!


Comment by Lizzie.

yup, i agree. Tell her, she needs to know.

also, if “When you’ve lost your shoes, it’s definitely time to go home.” is true, what happens if you show up barefoot???

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