11 Jul
Come As You Are Party at BlogHer!

Guess what we’re doing?

Besides our nails, obviously.

We are getting ready for the BlogHer conference in New York City next month!

We’ve been very busy planning a super-fun, highly-exciting party, which we’ll co-host with the Aiming Low ladies at BlogHer in New York City on Saturday, August 4 at 6 pm!

This is what we’ve been doing with our spare time:

1. Perfecting and taste-testing our signature cocktail that we will be unveiling at the party. Also, taste-testing it. And taste-testing it. You can’t be too careful with these things, the devil’s in the details, you know. (And, according to Kristine, in the gin.)

2. Organizing fantastic party games. Hahahahaha, did we say party games? That’s what happens when you have such dedicated signature cocktail taste testers! No, not party games. Activities. Fun activities that you will want to do at the party. Because they’re the kind of activities that we want to do at the party. Think instant advice, think photo booth, think PINK.

3. Planning the menu. We’re doing comfort food that will feed your soul after a busy day of BlogHering. And yes, if necessary, we are available to taste test the food. And the dessert. Because there will be dessert. That we’ll taste test.

4. Looking over the music playlist. Wendi is very sulky right now because it’s not All Manilow All the Time, so we have our work cut out for us. (Note from Wendi: If I’m not allowed to play Manilow at the party, I’m going to play German polka. Up to you.)

But mostly, we’re excited to see YOU at the party! It’s going to be fun and relaxing and filled with laughter. And our signature cocktail, of course!

Can’t wait to see you there!

23 Responses to “Come As You Are Party at BlogHer!”


Comment by Alexandra.

So excited to the point I’m about to say stoked! at seeing everyone at BlogHer.

You’re all amazing, brilliant, incredibly talented and gifted women.

I am left speechless around you all.



Comment by Mimzy Wimzy.

Oh another post that makes me oh so sad I wasn’t able to buy a ticket & book a hotel. I had my heart set on going… I will be home crying my eyes out while you are all having such fun.

suburbancorrespondent Reply:

Don’t fret, Mimzy. Consider the fact that NYC is practically the bedbug capital of the world, and be grateful you get to stay home.

Gosh, these sour grapes taste great!


Comment by Krista.

I’m SO excited to meet you guys! I seriously cannot wait!


Comment by Natalie.

I’m in! Any event that allows me to wear elastic waistband pants is a winner in my book!

Wendi Reply:

Yay for elastic!


Comment by Carinn @welcometothemotherhood.

I’m certain this was supposed to get me excited about being at BlogHer for the very first time, but all I want to do is throw up. From my nerves. Not the gin (yet).


Comment by Jennifer @ Also Known As the Wife.

I think some fuzzy pink slippers may be in order.

And I will totally volunteer to help taste test any and all desserts (especially the chocolate ones). I’m very volunteer oriented in this area.


Comment by Sharon Greenthal.

Sounds like it’s going to be a great time!


Comment by Meredith L..

Can I bring anything? Like, say, my famous chocolate mousse – which has Kahlua in it? Yes, you can taste test first.


Comment by justbreathemama.

This sounds like a PERFECT way to end a 1st blogging conference! Can’t wait to meet you all!


Comment by Anne-Marie.

THANK YOU for throwing a party from 6-8! I will be seven months pregnant; I don’t want to miss out on all the fun at BlogHer, but I pass out at 10 pm. Almost like I’ve had too much of the gin I haven’t been able to drink in what seems like forever…

Marinka Reply:

DIBS ON YOUR DRINK TICKET!! (Oh, I mean, “can’t wait to meet you!”)


Anne-Marie Reply:

Haha it’s yours, assuming one of your fellow Housewives doesn’t pickpocket me first.

Wendi Reply:

Please email me a photo of you ASAP and your room number.


Comment by Anne-Marie.

I’m staying with a friend uptown… anyone who score me a free room can have my drink tickets for any and all events!


Comment by Liz @ PeaceLoveGuac.

Two words: awe some.

Can’t wait!


Comment by Missy.

Is this invite only? Or invite only as many as you think can handle the cocktail? This will be my first BlogHer and as a newbie small-time blogger, the idea of wearing fuzzy slippers at the end of the first day sounds just about right.

admin Reply:

It’s part of the BlogHer conference pass, so no invite needed. Hope to see you there!


Comment by tracy@sellabitmum.

Oh please play some polka music! And while we’re at it, can we just have the party in a cool old VFW or American Legion Club? NYC has those, right?


Comment by Stacy Uncorked.

I’ll be there with bells on! Well, not literally wearing bells… but I definitely plan to be there!


Comment by Are You Ready For BlogHer? | The Mouthy Housewives.

[…] not just because we are hosting the fabulous Come As You Are Party on Saturday night.  You’ll be there, right? We’ll be the dashingly beautiful gals who […]


Comment by Sili.

So, with all of this comfort food, dessert and drinks. I’m going to opt for the yoga pants and baggy shirt. Is that cool? 😉

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