11 Jun
But….Ah Forget It

Dear Mouthy Housewives,

I was in Applebee’s yesterday and a very nice, very old woman stopped by our table to say hello and tell us what a handsome baby boy we have.

Our little girl is 7 months old, has a full head of hair, a rosebud mouth…oh and she was wearing a pink sleeper. I didn’t say anything, just agreed, smiled nodded and waited for her to move on . What would you have done?


I’m Speechless


Dear Speechless,

When my kid was that age, I got a lot of that as well. I admit, at first it bothered me so instead of just putting something pink on her, I went all out and painted the entire stroller magenta and then covered it with rhinestones and heart shaped stickers.

This, of course, only led people to suggest that perhaps I should give the baby back to the mentally stable parents who clearly must have been missing her “very much right now”, and told that after I went to that “nice” place and talked to those “nice” people, perhaps, I too could have a child of my own one day.

After that, I would say thanks and then if they followed that up by asking me what “his” name was, I usually replied, “Sofia” or sometimes “Amanda”, or if had been over four hours since my last Diet Coke, I would tell them, “Mine, his name is Mine.”

Allow me to say the looks on their faces while they stumbled to come up with a reply never failed to give me a good laugh.

However, the fact that this woman was very old entitles her to be given a break. The fact that she got out of the house, went to a restaurant, ate a meal and left still in the vertical position requires us to give her quite a bit of leeway.

For those who are below the age of eighty, I figured Emily Post would have the answer, but I only found out what to do the next time someone cuts in front of me at the grocery store. Great tips, but it’s not going to really help you.

So my best advice is just to smile and politely correct the person. As your baby turns into a toddler, this will no longer even be an issue. Unless of course you named her Bob, which I’m reasonably sure you didn’t.

Good luck.


Jessica, TMH

6 Responses to “But….Ah Forget It”


Comment by The Devil's Daughter-In-Law.

This happened to me all the time and my little girl didn’t own anything that WASN’T pink. I didn’t take it personally, I’d just say: “Oh, SHE’S 7 months old…” or “HER name is…”. Then, if the person apologized, I’d say: “That’s okay. She does look just like her dad.”


Comment by The Laughing Idiot.

When my daughter was two months old, my husband started calling her “Baby Bob” because I thought overalls were just the cutest. This, I guess, gave her a boyish look – even with the pink or lavender shirts she wore underneath.

The “Baby Bob” thing got old. As soon as she had her second hepatitis shot, we were off to the earring store to get her ears pierced. It was the worst thirty seconds of her life, but I’m pretty sure she doesn’t remember it.


Comment by Nicole.

I was 36 or 38 weeks pregnant and in the store buying some pink sleepers, booties, hat, blanket, etc (yes, we knew it was a girl). I was standing there watching the till add up my bill because this place is notorious for not having the correct prices on things, and the old lady behind me says, “So is it a girl?”

I said “yes” but what I was really thinking was, “No, its a boy and we want him to be a crossdresser when he grows up.”

After all, I didn’t want to be responsible for giving the old lady a stroke.


Comment by MommyTime.

I personally knew a woman whose 2-yr-old daughter had the golden ringlets and big blue eyes of a princess in a fairy tale. A man at a luncheon kept referring to the child as “he.” The woman kept responding with, “well, SHE…” but the man persisted. Finally, the man asked what “his” name was. The woman said, “Flora.” The man, horrified, responded with, “Why on earth would you call a boy Flora?”

Moral: A gentle hint will be all it takes for some people, while others wouldn’t get it if you lifted up that sleeper and removed the diaper to prove it.


Comment by Erin G.

I have a friend who got stopped by a stranger to tell her that her 1-year old daughter would grow up to be a great linebacker someday.


I can’t… I don’t… I have no words.


Comment by christy.

I just got home from having lunch out at the mall – my daughter was in pink pants and a FLORAL pink and orange top. An elderly man stopped by our table and referred to my daughter no less than four times as “HIM”…I didn’t say a word just thought of this post which I read yesterday and giggled to myself.

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