07 Sep
Works Every Time

If your pants are wrinkled and you can’t iron to save your life, tell people they are made of a new type of linen fabric, imported, very expensive, but you can’t remember the name or its country of origin, and then quickly offer them an orange to distract them.

2 Responses to “Works Every Time”


Comment by writingmama04.

I’ve got an even better idea – delegate those ironing chores! I’ve recently discovered my eleven-year-old daughter loves to iron. This from the girl that wears a swimsuit 11 months out of the year, leaves her clothing – clean and dirty – in a pile on the floor of her room and cannot be bothered to hang up a wet towel. Who would have thought? You never know until you delegate!


Comment by DG at Diaryofamadbathroom.

I usually go to work looking like I’m wearing a crumpled paper grocery bag. Lately, with this whole green thing, it’s actually kind of trendy because by not ironing, I am saving energy and that makes me a frugalista, which is apparently very chic. In your face, crisply creased and highly wasteful perfectionists, momma’s comin to work looking like she slept in her clothes!Bam!

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