16 Jul
TMH Tip of the Week

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We’ve just about hit the mid-summer point, which means your children have likely created a stronghold in the basement wherein they’re mapping out an impending mutiny. If this is the case in your household, allow The Mouthy Housewives to help you keep those children occupied with clever, new, and educational activities. Or, at the very least, distracted from any plans for a revolution.

1. The “paint the living room” game!

Kids love to paint! Why we haven’t tapped into this before is beyond me. I mean, if you have enough of them, you could probably get the whole house done. This concept can also be used for the “paint Mommy’s toes” game.

2.   The “balance Mommy’s budget” game!

Again, what child isn’t enamored by a basic calculator? Hand that kid a spreadsheet, a red pen, and some receipts. Even if things don’t add up in the end, you now have evidence to suggest you’ve been hard at work on the budget all day.

3.   The “give the dog a bath” game!

Three things needed to play: kids, a dog, and a hose. Shove them in the back yard and hope for the best.

4. The “it’s not mopping, it’s ice skating” game!

Squirt some cleaner on the floor, attach some paper towels to their feet with string, and let ’em slide! Use bubble wrap if you’re concerned about injury, you worrywart.

5. The “find Daddy’s glasses” game!

Again, we’re just tapping into natural enthusiasm here. What kid isn’t excited by the notion of searching for something?! About the opportunity to be a pirate! Sure, you might not have many “clues” to offer, nor is there a “map” for guidance or “known location” of those god-forsaken glasses (WHY he doesn’t just keep them in the same spot all the time is BEYOND me), but these things can be improvised! Or made up altogether! You can even tell them there’s a puppy in it for them if they find the object! (Within the allotted timeframe. Void where prohibited, and in all 50 United States. Must be 21 to claim prize.)

And if all else fails, you can always refer to The Mouthy Housewives Tip of the Week for surviving winter snow days. It works equally well in the summer.

9 Responses to “TMH Tip of the Week”


Comment by GrandeMocha.

Love the paint the house idea! Teaching them a marketable skill & sprucing up the house cheap.


Comment by Marinka.

These are brilliant! And as a bonus, after enjoying themselves with these fun activities, the kids will be super-excited to get back to school!


Comment by Erin@MommyontheSpot.

I love painting the house game! I wonder if I could also use it to rip out old carpet and glue down some laminate flooring? Or is that going too far?


Comment by Wendi.

Genius. Also “find mommy’s bra.” At least, in my house.


Comment by StephanieG.

At my house, we love a good round or two of “I can fold more laundry than you.” Gets it done in record time!!


Comment by Cate8.

Balance the Budget sounds good…then the teens will stop asking me to buy them stuff and it will be the answer to the endless question ‘why can’t we go to Disney’


Comment by vodka tonic.

We play “Fix Mommy a Double.”


Comment by The Case of the Purloined Piggy Bank | The Mouthy Housewives.

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Comment by rojopaul.

LOVED the puppy disclaimer. ha ha

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