14 Jan
TMH Tip of the Week

To help your body stay warm on cold winter nights, don’t use one of those expensive, unattractive Snuggies.

Simply think about a naked George Clooney plumping your pillows.

Ahhhhh. That’s better. OMG–is it hot in here, or is it just him?

4 Responses to “TMH Tip of the Week”


Comment by Lisa Rae @ smacksy.

Great. I live in LA so now I have to turn on the air conditioner.


Comment by fraujoolie.

Great. I live in LA, and I don’t have A/C. Why don’t you rub it in?


Comment by Anon.

Oooh, love that pic of him.

Rather naughty but every time I see his pic I think he must have a nice big.. chest;)


Comment by Nicole.

Oh he is so sexy… but such a douchebag. What a shame.

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