03 Aug
Tip Of The Week: How To Have A So Good Time At BlogHer

This post is sponsored by Hillshire Farm.

Are you one of the lucky people going to BlogHer ’11 in San Diego this week? You are? Then you probably already know that whether this is your first blogging conference or your 10th, being surrounded by so many bloggers can be overwhelming. Fortunately, you have the Mouthy Housewives to help you prepare.

Here are our exclusive tips to having a great time at BlogHer—trust us, you’re not   going to get advice like this from anyone else:

Wake up in the hotel room and enjoy the fact that you will not have to clean it.

Have a few bloggers that you’d like to meet and then introduce yourself.   Preferably while giving them a pastry.

Practice giving out your business cards in front of a mirror.   This doesn’t come naturally to most people.

If you’re too shy to approach new people, hire a representative to network on your behalf so you can hide in your room and order room service wine by the bottle. (Make sure the representative looks just like you, but 10 years younger and/or  10 ounces lighter.)

Don’t let anyone make you feel silly for taking advantage of free stuff. Unless you’re going crazy over those dishwasher soap samples because, come on. That’s just embarrassing and desperate.

Dress to impress! We recommend a floor-length ball gown or tuxedo. This is your professional brand on the line, after all. You also can’t go wrong with an all-leather look.

Confused about which panel to attend? Just go to the room where you hear laughter, not snoring, coming from the audience. And remember, there are no dumb questions unless they’re about your cat. Or pastrami sandwiches.

Going to one of the wild BlogHer parties? Then plan on gettin’ down wif yo bad self. In other words, get out of the corner and start dancing. Trust us, there’s no way you’ll be the worst one on the floor. And if you are, you’ll get lots of free publicity for your brand when someone posts you on YouTube with the title, “Worst Dancer at BlogHer San Diego.”

Do not attempt to organize a Beliebers cocktail party.

Bring something to hand out at BlogHer that has your web address on it so people can remember your blog.  We recommend lawn chairs or miniature ponies.

During the sessions, make sure to tweet every six or seven minutes. If you can’t think of anything clever and funny to say, pretend you’re reading an important email from your imaginary literary agent.

Do not drink so much that you wake up in the middle of the night, fully clothed, spooning your roommate who you just met the day before.

Remember the Geek Bar is not a place to meet hot accountants or order a martini.

If you’ve brought your Valium remember it’s important to share. This does not mean, however, that you can’t charge a little something for your “troubles.” (Unless it’s one of us, then it’s very very important to share.)

Bring a purse large enough to accommodate a box of Franzia and a bag of Cheetos. You will get thirsty and hungry. Always be prepared.

To make the best impression possible have a few memorized lyrics on hand, say, from a new Eminem song. Add a grill and some dope hand gestures for extra emphasis.

If you find that you have inadvertently tucked your skirt into your underwear, don’t worry, just own it. And if possible, have a jam box handy with a mix of “Doin’ The Butt”

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Hillshire Farm wants you to share the day’s experience with us and your fans while revealing that little something extra you get when you create a great meal.
The booth is open: August 4 (6-8 pm), August 5 (8 am to 6 pm), August 6 (8 am to 6 pm)

See Wendi at the Hilllshire booth:

  • Friday: 10:00 – 10:30 am (appearance), 10:30 – 11:30 am, autograph signing (2:45 pm to 4 pm)
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Thank you to Hillshire Farm for sponsoring this post!

10 Responses to “Tip Of The Week: How To Have A So Good Time At BlogHer”


Comment by BlogHer: Left Behind.

[…] Thanks to Hillshire Farm for sponsoring this post. And for some important BlogHer tips, check out The Mouthy Housewives! […]


Comment by Cathy.

You give the best advice! xoxo


Comment by The Flying Chalupa.

Thank god – I didn’t back my ballgown in vain. Actually, it’s my wedding dress, I was just looking for another excuse to wear it. The question is: how much Hillshire Farm can I chow down without splitting a seam?


Comment by Cheryl D..

Thanks for the laugh! This will be my first BlogHer Conference, and I’m really excited about attending!


Comment by Diane.

Wish I were going this year. The Mouthy Housewives really know how to rock the BlogHer world.


Comment by Mom101.

My cat likes to eat pastrami sandwiches. Can you recommend a good deli in San Diego so I can bring some back?


Comment by Marie.

I so wish I could join you, but I’m not sure that my writing/blogging skills are up to par to attend with you professionals. Hope you have a great time!



Comment by erin@mommyonthespot.

My favorite piece of advice: a purse big enough for a box of wine and some cheetos. Hellz yeah!


Comment by The Mouthy Housewives Interview Wendi Mclendon-Covey | The Mouthy Housewives.

[…] of you might know that the BlogHer conference took place a few weeks ago in San Diego. Both Mouthy Wendi (MW) and I flew in on our private jets […]


Comment by justbreathemama.

Ok – this is too funny. Makes me so excited to know, as a newbie, I will be in great and hilarious company in 2 weeks…

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