09 Apr
Tip of the Week!

Welcome to The Mouthy Housewives’ Tip of the Week. ┬áBecause it’s not enough for us to solve all your problems, we must give you a bonus to top off the week as well.

If you don’t own a dog, it’s perfectly acceptable to let your toddler eat the leftovers off the floor. It is not perfectly acceptable to let your toddler drink out of the toilet.

And if you need a new car, why not enter this great contest from Dairy Queen? Just submit a video of yourself treating someone to a Mini Blizzard, and you can win a 2011 Mini Cooper Countryman car! Isn’t that awesome? ┬áPlease see video below for more details. Thank you Dairy Queen for sponsoring this post!

One Response to “Tip of the Week!”


Comment by The Flying Chalupa.

I really should get the Chalupa out of the toilet bowl.

But can I just say that I saw the new DQ commercial for the mini blizzard yesterday and laughed my ass off? Old fashioned shaving bunnies. It doesn’t get funnier than that.

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