31 Jan
Tip of the Week


Kids stuck at home because school keeps getting canceled due to weather? Going crazy trying to entertain them? Then simply follow these easy steps to give yourself a hassle-free Mouthy Housewife-style Snow Day!

Step 1:   Go to whitepages.com

Step 2:   Enter the name of your child’s teacher and write down her address

Step 3:   Call a cab (Note: If they claim the roads aren’t clear, loudly moan and tell them you’re giving birth and require immediate assistance)

Step 4:   Stick child in cab with a Post-It saying, “Surprise!” and give driver directions to the teacher’s house

Step 5:   Unplug the phone, close the curtains and reeelax! You’ve earned it, baby! Snow days are fun!

Disclaimer: The Mouthy Housewives are not responsible for any school expulsions and/or jail time that may result from following our advice. We just write what the voices in our heads tell us to write.

4 Responses to “Tip of the Week”


Comment by Yuliya.

Teacher? I’d leave mine with the janitor, maybe my kid will learn a thing or two about how to adhere to housekeeping standards…


Comment by Mad Housewife.

Considering we have not had a full week of school since Christmas break, I am libel to take that advice. I’ll call ya from the clink!


Comment by vodka tonic.

As a teacher, send ’em on over! I’ll have them watch *my* kids, and make them scrub my bathroom while they’re at it.


Comment by TMH Tip of the Week | The Mouthy Housewives.

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