30 Oct
The Mouthy Housewives Tip of the Week!


Still searching for a last minute Halloween costume for yourself?

Tired of the usual “sexy” crap like nurses and kittens?

Well, why not shake things up a bit this year and show the world how slutty you can be without even trying!

For example:

SEXY BUTT WIPER: Unbutton your blouse and carry a box of wet wipes!

SEXY EXHAUSTED MOTHER: Unbutton your blouse and put glitter on your dark circles!

SEXY DISHWASHER: Unbutton your blouse and spank people with your wet Playtex gloves!

SEXY WINO: Unbutton your blouse and drink enough wine so that even your weird neighbor Gary looks hot!

SEXY WEIGHT WATCHER: Unbutton your blouse and tell everyone the caloric content of each piece of candy!

SEXY PMSer: Unbutton your blouse, retain water and punch people in the face until they give you chocolate!

So you see, ladies, with a little imagination, a little unbuttoning and a whole lot of “Oh, who the f*ck cares, just give me the stupid candy bars and let me cry in my closet by myself people,” Halloween can be the sexiest—and scariest—holiday of all!


One Response to “The Mouthy Housewives Tip of the Week!”


Comment by Diane.

I was thinking of Sexy Mouthy Housewife this year. Dirty bathrobe, ratty slippers, hair in rollers with perfectly manicured toes and nails holding a ginormous cocktail. Nothing on under the robe of course. An attitude to match. But people will only ask – Diane – where’s your costume?

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