04 Oct
Swiffer 360 Duster, For You and Me


Welcome to our Swiffer 360 Duster giveaway!  But first, a word from Marinka, one of The Mouthy Housewives!

I’ll be honest. Although I’m a Mouthy Housewife, I don’t actually enjoy the parts of housewifehood that involve cleaning.   I don’t have anything against cleanliness per se, of course, it’s just that I prefer to spend my time doing other things, like eating bon bons and catching up on General Hospital. I mean, will Johnny figure out that Dante is Olivia’s son?   I can’t miss that moment.

Anyway.   My ban against housework recently took a big hit when my entire family conspired against me and started sneezing maniacally.   My husband ran at top speed to an allergist, in case it was a case of the fatal sneezies and after many excruciating (for me) tests, we found out that he is allergic to dust mites.   Now we have a cleaning lady coming in every week, but it’s been suggested that more frequent dusting may be in order.


Now, I know what you’re thinking.   Why not just divorce him and marry someone who doesn’t mind dust mites.   That is certainly sound advice.   But, I love him. And we have kids.

So I had to go with Plan B.

This is where the Swiffer 360 Duster came in and swept me off my feet.   Well, I guess it swept the dust mites off their feet.   (OMG, do they have feet?!)

The lovely people at MS& L Worldwide provided me with a hand held Swiffer 360 Duster   which boasts having like a kazillion fluffy dust locking fibers that trap and and lock twice as much dust, pet hair and other stuff that makes us sneezy and unhappy.

Now, I’ll admit that it’s hard for me to get excited about a duster, but this one was fun to use.   Because it looks a little like a magic wand,   I sort of waltzed around the apartment, dusting theatrically, pretending that the birds were singing to me.   The pros are that it’s easy to reach into tight places and it’s very easy to use.   The huge pros are that the dust doesn’t fly around, but sticks the the Duster.   The super huge pros are that my husband seemed to have stopped sneezing maniacally. But maybe that’s because I put a pillow over his head?

At any rate, this Mouthy Housewife feels fantastic recommending this product to you.   And Swiffer, if you’re listening? If you could make the handle dispense bon bons, I’d be yours for always!

And that’s not all.   The Swiffer 360 Duster can be yours!   All you have to do is leave a comment in this post incorporating a word that rhymes with “Swiffer” or “duster” into a sentence and we’ll pick ten winners.

UPDATED!   Congratulations, Poet Laureate Winners!   Although it was a tough choice, similar to one that I am certain faced by the Nobel Committee, the following are our ten winners:



Chrystal M.


Yankee Girl 02

DG at Diaryofamadbathroom


Samantha Jo Campen

Iowa Cowgirl

Tonia Cox

Please email your mailing address to us at themouthyhousewives@gmail.com and we’ll get your Swiffer to you in a jiffer.

25 Responses to “Swiffer 360 Duster, For You and Me”


Comment by Sally.

I miss my houseboy, Buster.
I need a Swiffer Duster!


Comment by Amy.

After I Duster, my house lustres.
After I Swiffer I chug a sniffer without fluster.


Comment by hokgardner.

Rhyming? I’m terrible at ryhming.

If I had a Swiffer Duster
I might be able to get my kids to clean
happily, without much fluster.


Comment by Crystal M..

Maybe if I had a Swiffer,
My views on dusting would differ.
Then I could muster
Enough will-power to use that duster.


Comment by fleebers.

there once was a gal from seattle
who found cleaning and dusting a battle
with a fluster she mustered!
her duster she thrusted!
she busted dust clusters like Custer
’til her house was gleaming with luster!


Comment by yankeegirl02.

I took a sniffer and decided that I must muster up to clean. Oh, but which tool should I use?? Oh! I am so flustered!! Alas! Here comes Lester in a jiffer with my Swiffer 🙂 !!!


Comment by DG at Diaryofamadbathroom.

Mine’s a rap – add your own beats.

DJ Dust Mite, Kick it!

We had the aller to the G
Till my momma said to me
Girl you really need a Swiffer
Ta stop kill the sneezin in your mista

So I busted out a new box
‘steada dustin wit my old socks
then I stirred up all my muster
and I rocked a Swiffer duster

Now my place is lookin tight
and my man and me don’t fight
And my furniture it shines
got more time for bustin rhymes

Word to the Dust Mites.
We out.

PS. Even I am alarmed at what a d-bag I am for that. Sincerest apologies to the rap community.


Comment by Teresa.

Swiffer gets it done in a Jiffer!


Comment by CoftheU.

I’ll need a drink that is stiffer if I don’t win that glorious Swiffer because it takes all the energy I can muster to use a regular old duster.


Comment by christy.

I admit it, I hate to clean too, but I wouldn’t be all afluster if I had a swiffer duster.

(sorry it’s so lame – but it rhymes, I think! ha!)


Comment by Stesha.

Dusters are for busters!

Hugs and Mocha,


Comment by melanie.

if i have to dust-er,
i get in a fluster.

but if i don’t swiffer,
we get in a tiff-er.


Comment by The Mouthy Housewives » Grow Up Already!.

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Comment by Lisa.

My house’s dust is one like Custer
making it’s last stand.
So I will need a Swiffer Duster
to wield in my mighty hand.


Comment by Ginger.

The 360 degrees swiffer is a duster buster it is better than my Dyson!


Comment by Cheryl in AL.

We battle the dust bunnies with all the strength we can muster. Thank goodness for my new Swiffer Duster.

Sorry, corny corny corny. I guess I am all afluster.


Comment by Kim.

This post will muster my desire for a duster, that of the Swiffer persuasion.


Comment by GrandeMocha.

Excellant present for husband and kids!


Comment by ToniaCox.

So I’ve heard about this new Swiffer
They say it controls the problems of your husband’s sniffer
Give me one of these please
So dusting my house will be a breeze.


Comment by luckylottielou.

I already have a Swiffer
and dusting couldn’t be swifter.
So I don’t really want another
I am just a poetry lover
though I really could use a dust buster.


Comment by IowaCowgirl.

Comanche was the only thing left alive.
When decimation came via Custer.
The old horse raised his head and cried
when he heard the bugle muster.

Retirement then was his reward.
But he did not fondly recall Custer.
His days were boring and he toyed with stablework, cleaning stalls with a duster.


Comment by sheila.

I’m sure the strength that I could muster, would be hulkish if I had am awesome duster. A duster that could make a big diff in my little girls’ dark eye puffs. The swiffer might just be the answer to those little puffy eys and cranky mornings that start with ! Then mommy could realize that cleaning ain’t so bad — and may become the nifter swiffer duster queen and those little eyes would sparkle with glee. Mommy has come to the rescue and the girls would no longer show such fluster and or show such I “miff-er” toward the lovely mommy. Indeed, the swifter may be so great that the absorbent mind three year old may glean on to the fact that the mites might leave and all will be clean and shiny luster with a new swiffer … and mommy could just glow with pride at her little make a differ-ence wonder toddler.


Comment by Tippylou.

I sure hope you can muster a duster for me!


Comment by samantha jo campen.

I need that duster to get rid of a (cat hair) cluster!


Comment by The Mouthy Housewives » Sooner or Later, We All Want To Sleep Alone.

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