19 Jul
No Bath Toys Needed

Many a new parent has splurged on colorful, bright bath toys only to toss them in the trash after they have mildewed.

The Mouthy Housewives recommend not buying those dumb toys ever again. Save your money and just throw a few tupperware containers (you know you have a few to spare), cups and some of the cheap, plastic toys you’ve picked up at birthday parties into the bath.   Your child will be just as happy and so will you when you have a few extra bucks to spend on yourself.

But don’t skip the bubble bath. Clean Kids Naturally is my personal favorite.

5 Responses to “No Bath Toys Needed”


Comment by suburbancorrespondent.

Mildewed? How about when your kids throw up in the tub? That was a very memorable Bath Toy Purge in our house.


Comment by Akilah Sakai.

Kids have so much fun with the most mundane items around the house.


Comment by The Laughing Idiot.

We had to purge after one of the kids pooped in the tub. No amount of sanitizing made me want to put those toys back in the tub.


Comment by Dirty Mouth Mama.

We’ve added a few 75 cent syringes into that cheapo mix. Just a suggestion, keep the curtain closed. ” )


Comment by Swistle.

I also put in the weird sizes from sets of measuring cups/spoons. And an empty pump-shampoo or pump-handsoap bottle.

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