31 May
How To Prepare Your Home For Guests

When expecting dinner guests, you of course want to present a clean, spacious home. So 20 minutes before your guests arrive, hide all your junk in the following spots: dresser drawers, the laundry basket, the dryer and under the beds.

Never hide your clutter in your bathroom cabinet because every guest will take a peek in there.

And when your cable TV gets shut off later this month, let me just remind you that the unpaid bill is shoved in your laundry basket.

4 Responses to “How To Prepare Your Home For Guests”


Comment by Mother-in-law-chronicles.

I like to hide my kids’ bath toys and other clutter in their bathtub behined the shower curtain.


Comment by suburbancorrespondent.

It takes me way longer than 20 minutes, though. I’ve got to work on my speed, I guess.


Comment by MommyTime.

I also recommend having a home “office.” If you are willing to choose never to work there, a multitude of sins can be shoved into this room-sized junk drawer, and then the door closed before guests arrive. Of course, when you need a quiet retreat in which to get some work done, you are out of luck. But it’s either that or stay on top of the cleaning and tidying every single day, and we all know how easy that is…


Comment by Venti Vixen.

I agree on the ‘office’ – so true. We can fit pretty much all the crap and clutter from our whole house in the office.

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