26 Oct
Fight Childhood Obesity

Help fight childhood obesity: secretly eat your kids’ Halloween candy.

6 Responses to “Fight Childhood Obesity”


Comment by suburbancorrespondent.

Fight childhood obesity – eat your kids’ Halloween candy.

That belongs on a T-shirt!


Comment by If You Read This, You May Want To Cut Me. But Don’t, Because I’m Cursed. | Queen of Shake Shake.

[…] I’ve blocked it from my memory, and Halloween is TOMORROW. And, people, I fully believe in fighting childhood obesity. It’s a cause I thoroughly support, especially at […]


Comment by Mrs. Call Me Crazy.

I not only help to fight it at Halloween, but I also believe we should help at Easter and Christmas as well.


Comment by Young Wife.

Yes, suburbancorrespondent! Or cross stitched on a pillow.


Comment by wacdance27.

LOVE IT!!! I would totally wear that shirt!


Comment by supanerdstef.

haha! LOVE it!

Im so glad Im not the only mom who does this… of course its for the health of the kids.

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