25 May
Age Math

If   you are going to lie about your age, add a few years. Or a decade.

For example, if you’re 42 you won’t get much of a reaction if you tell   people that you’re 38.   But tell them that you’re   in your   50s,   and watch the compliments really start to fly!   Huge, free ego boost.

6 Responses to “Age Math”


Comment by suburbancorrespondent.

I cannot believe I have never thought about this before. From here on in, I am 55. Thanks!


Comment by Andrea's Sweet Life.

Until someone says, “Yeah, that’s about what I would have guessed”. Poo.


Comment by Bitsy.

Andrea is correct. I tried it once and the response was “oh”. So I guess I look older than I am.


Comment by Coco.

OMG…I so did that when I was way younger. Of course I added too much one time and people fell out laughing. It didn’t help that I probably looked five years younger than I was.

Those days are gone.


Comment by Marinka.

This is the best tip ever. A serious genius must have written it.


Comment by Heather, TMH.

I have three words to add..


Not only would I get compliments, but save money too, something we all need in this economy.

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