04 Jun
Things We Love: Making Seltzer At Home

Last month I attended a Momtrends event in New York City and to cut to the chase, they had a raffle and I won. Big.


I won a Soda Stream machine, which makes ordinary water into sparkling water.

I’ve wanted one of those things forever.  Well at least since last fall when during the harvest festival at my kids’ school I got to supervise the beverage area and saw the joy in kids’ faces when they got to  make the soda.  I’m all about joy and kids’ faces.  And also  not having to lug a kazillion pounds of  seltzer bottles of seltzer from the store and then recycling all that plastic.  It’s efficient and green, what could be better?

Oh, I know. Easy to use.

My 9 year old set it up in about six minutes.   And as you’re carbonating (which involves pressing a button) you hear a sound that sounds like a rude noise that all young boys like to make.  So it’s absolutely fun for everyone!

The Soda Stream also comes with add-in flavors so you can make soda and ginger ale, if you’re so inclined.  But in our family, we’re purists and just stick to seltzer.

For all these reasons, the Soda Stream Home Soda Maker is the thing I love this week.

-Marinka, the carbonated Mouthy Housewife


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Comment by Nicole Feliciano.

So excited that you won and that your life is full of effortless bubbles. xoxox Nicole

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