22 Apr
Mouthing Off: Drunk Toddlers!

Introducing a brand new feature on The Mouthy Housewives called “Mouthing Off!” Because we have (very strong) opinions on (the most ridiculous) current events, this is where we’ll share our thoughts with you. Good God, are you lucky or what?!

First up, drunk toddlers at chain restaurants! What do we think about that shizznit?   Keep reading!


Have you been reading the news?  This week Chili’s joined the craze that’s sweeping the nation and served alcohol to a kid.  Specifically, a mudslide concoction, containing vodka and Kahlua, to a 4 year old in the Chicago area.  This, of course, comes on the heels of the Olive Garden serving a Florida 2 year old a sangria and Applebee’s, the pioneer, who kicked off the trend by serving a one year old a margarita instead of an apple juice in Michigan.

There’s outrage all around.

First, how stupid are these chain restaurants to have the apple juice dispenser next to the tequila dispenser?     Second, who are these children who will drink anything? One time I tried to dissolve a fish oil capsule in my kid’s orange juice and he practically filed a claim with The Hague. (In my defense, how was I supposed to know that oil wouldn’t mix with OJ and float up to the top, HOW?)   And third, what about the parents?   Surely they’re to blame somehow, too.

Fortunately, all the kids are fine.

But as parents, we must be proactive.

We must taste all of our children’s drinks before they take a sip.

And perhaps peremptorily drink all the alcohol in the eating establishment as soon as we walk in.

It’s the right thing to do. For the children.


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25 Responses to “Mouthing Off: Drunk Toddlers!”


Comment by shafeena.

DRINK ALL THE ALCOHOL… ITS THE ONLY SOLUTION :)… love the necklace… if only your giveaways extended to the middle east !!


Comment by calliope.

I read an article about Applebees doing this but I didn’t know it was happening elsewhere too. Really makes you want to choke a b**ch doesn’t it?


Comment by Ann's Rants.

The only solution–is everyone must be carded.



Comment by Tracy D.

AND…the drinks were in children’s sippy cups???? what idiot bar tender thinks margaritas go in a sippy cup?


Comment by Bean.

Arby’s serves alcohol in Michigan?

Marinka, TMH Reply:

Oops, Applebee’s, not Arby’s. Our apologies to the many moms appearing at Arby’s and demanding “apple juice”.


Comment by Wendi.

Who the hell orders a margarita to go with their Arby’s roast beef sandwich? Everybody knows that should be served with red wine.


Comment by annie.

Really….the salted rim should have tipped off mom #1.

Waitresses really need to stop hiding their on-shift cocktails in sippy cups. Mine were always in coffee cups. Much more foolproof!


Comment by ChiTown Girl.

That Chili’s incident was complete BULL!! That mother is nothing but a scamming POS, looking to get on TV, and maybe score a couple bucks, too. There is NO way that mix-up could have happened the way she claimed. I feel a HUGE rant bubbling up, so I’m going to just go away now…


Comment by wen711.

These incidences are ridiculoous on sooo many levels…anywho, how ’bout that gorgeous, “Silver Diva” necklace?!?!


Comment by JubanMama.

My 2 1/2-year old is not allowed to drink alcohol when we’re out because he’s our designated driver.


Comment by Rach9119.

I would LOVE to get a SILVER DIVA necklace to give as a mothers day present!


Comment by mckenzie.

This is why kids shouldn’t be allowed in restaurants! 🙂 I would have been very angry if I had been served apple juice and NOT a margarita! Also how awesome is that SILVER DIVA necklace!


Comment by Breann.

Oooh the Silver Diva stuff is awesome!
Now – I wonder if there is a market for toddler alcoholoic drinks. I mean they make pads for tweens now and all…. (i am so kidding)


Comment by Kyle.

I worked at a Red Robin a few years back. About a week after we opened our doors, a bartender served a margarita to a three year old in a kid’s cup. She was fired instantly.
The part that kills me is that, having worked in the restaurant business, I know that most restaurants forbid putting an alcoholic drink in anything but certain glasses. Kids’ cups included. So either the staff are ignoring the rules, or the restaurant failed to make them.


Comment by Reiven.

the silver diva! I want one of those necklaces, not for me, but for my mom. She really deserves it. She gave me my first glass glass of red wine to go with our spaghetti dinner. I was about 9yrs old. I didn’t like it. And no, it didn’t have any negative affects on me. I think it was a good experience.


Comment by Kim.

Who are these asshats who can’t tell the difference between apple juice and a margarita? Do they always serve toddlers Motts for Tots with a salt rim and lime garnish?


Comment by N and Em's mom.

When I think of all the embarrassing spills I could have avoided if I had only requested the margarita in a sippy cup… (sigh)


Comment by Poker Chick.

Hmmm…when I start to see all you moms using sippy cups I will know what you’re up to!

Bean Reply:

There’s a book on that topic…


Comment by Nicole@pmitravel.com.

crazyness! I only let the kiddos drink alcoholic beverages at home! Love the silver Diva Jewelry!


Comment by Minka.

Clearly, the people who work at these chains were served alcohol at chain restaurants when THEY were children. How else to explain it? Oh — maybe they’re stupid/careless/hate their job/hate the customers/hate kids/need eyeglasses/were distracted by a cute co-worker/were possessed by a demon. Or, maybe the standards are a bit too low during the hiring process. You think with all the money they save by serving generally low-quality food that they try to dress up with tons of salt that perhaps they’d have more money to lure a better class of employees. Then again, if chain restaurants didn’t do stupid things… they wouldn’t be chain restaurants.
However… I will be tasting my kids’ drinks from now on; especially the milkshakes and anything with chocolate or ice cream in it!


Comment by Debbie.

Love the Silver Diva Jewelry!


Comment by Melissa.

I wanna Silver Diva!


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