05 Oct
Keep Your Politics to Yourself, Lady

Dear Mouthy Housewives,

Last week I went to a get together for the moms in my daughter’s kindergarten class. As we were headed back to our cars, one of the other mothers pointed to the politically-inspired bumper sticker on my SUV and said, “Good thing I don’t have a tire iron in my hand or I’d smash your window!”   Then she started laughing and said, “I’m just kidding!”

I didn’t know what to do because I was so stunned, but now I’m furious. Should I say something to her or just ignore it since we’ll have to be around each other all year?


Bumper Mother


Dear Bumper Mother,

Well, obviously your mistake was going to this kind of social event in the first place. We here at The Mouthy Housewives strongly advise against ever fraternizing with class moms, especially the kindergarten ones. After all, who knows what those tennis skirted whackjobs will do once they get you alone? It’s a wonder you even made it out of there with all of your original body parts intact.

Regarding the woman who made the comment, let’s all just be honest and say she’s a bitch. (And if you don’t like referring to another woman as a “bitch,” we can call her something a little nicer. Like “Mrs. Bitch.”) Of course it’s okay if she disagrees with your political views, but she definitely should have saved her disagreeable comment until she gets to know you better. Or until Christmas dinner, like we do in my family.

Personally, I think she did you a favor because now you know from the get-go that she’s someone to avoid. Believe me, there’s nothing worse than meeting a mom at the beginning of the year, thinking you’re going to be BFFs, then boom! Two months later you’re sitting in a leaky Girl Scout cabin drinking homemade wine and talking to her alter-personality “Big Wanda Gillooley” about her recent anal probe. Not good.

Therefore, my advice is to not bring up the comment again and just be bare-minimum nice to this woman. She probably won’t ever be your friend, but she doesn’t have to be your sworn enemy, either. Especially since she has access to a tire iron.


Wendi, TMH

23 Responses to “Keep Your Politics to Yourself, Lady”


Comment by Redbecca.

You should get a new bumper sticker that says, “You’re a self-righteous hag.” I wonder what she would think about that one?


Comment by Grace {formerly gracie}.

Isn’t it possible to be friends with someone and not have to agree with everything they think?

At least, now you know not to talk about anything political with this woman. I have a similar policy when it comes to my entire family… and my husband’s.

Plano Mom Reply:

I too have a similar policy – I never, ever talk politics. And when they make their extreme political remarks, I smile and offer them a beer.

Bean Reply:

It’s the hostility of the comment that makes it problematic. I can disagree with someone & be their friend. But I can’t be friends with someone who is so hostile to anyone with different opinions.


Comment by Desperate Dietwives.

Pity you were stunned into silence, or you could have countered “Good thing I don’t have a tire iron in my hand or I’d smash your bitchy head!”, then laugh and add “I’m just kidding, too!”.

Rojopaul Reply:



Comment by Jen.

well, I agree that this woman was out of line and a total bitch but if you’re going to wear your political affiliations on your sleeve (or bumper) then you have to know that some rude people are going to comment on it.

I live in a very conservative state although I am quite liberal. I find that it’s best to fly under the radar on all things political. I don’t expect anyone to join me on my liberal crusade and I don’t go around broadcasting it either. I try to make nice when ever I can because like you I have to associate with everyone at school, church, own meetings etc. I’ll be the bigger person if I have to to keep the peace for me and my family.

Anyway-I don’t agree with Mrs. Bitch but you did put yourself out there with a bumper sticker to begin with. Just sayin’.


Comment by Alessa.

@Jen – I see your point, but have to disagree. I understand that being “loud and proud” opens yourself up to critics, but you shouldn’t fault someone for putting themselves out there.

Rather than encouraging others to keep quiet about things that mean something to them, you should be encouraging others to be diplomatic when disagreement arises.


Comment by OldLadyInaShoe.

Um, am I the only person who thinks this isn’t a big deal? Have you ever considered that she was trying to be friendly by making a joke? I’m the type of person that always ends up putting my foot in my mouth in awkard social situations because I’ll similarly spew a well-intentioned but completely inappropriate attempt at humor. Give her the benefit of the doubt.

By the way, even if she was completely serious, why is it ok for you to voice your political opinions but she has to keep hers to herself? Does anyone else see the hypocrisy?

Reiven Reply:

I think it is the tire iron comment that is the problem. People should not be joking about taking a tire iron and bashing someones windshield/bumper, whatever and then laughing to dismiss their violent tenancies. I hate that passive aggressive attitude. I like Desperate Dietwives comment. If someone threatens me or mine with a tire iron, they better be ready to take what their giving. haha just kidding…

Heather, TMH Reply:

Hey Old Lady in a Shoe, do you have room for me in your house of social awkward situations? Because I’ve talked about the length of nipples with my husband’s boss (omg). I do stupid things in uncomfortable social situations too.


Comment by annie.

I’m sorry but I’m too distracted by this part of the advice to pay any attention to the tire iron wielding mama:

“Two months later you’re sitting in a leaky Girl Scout cabin drinking homemade wine and talking to her alter-personality “Big Wanda Gillooley” about her recent anal probe”.

How can you not share this story with us Wendi??? Tell us, tell us NOW!

Wendi Reply:

Sorry, but Big Wanda swore me to secrecy right before she untied me.


Comment by marathonmom.

You should have told her your late husband tried that once.

You could also consider it a threat…..



Comment by Plano Mom.

An excellent opportunity to show your children that one can be civil and kind in public to people that you would never consider being alone with. We all encounter people with which we must interact but we have no desire to get to know. In my book, someone who makes a joke about a violent act is in that category.


Comment by Beth.

since when is it friendly to threaten to smash someone’s windows? she wasn’t voicing a political opinion; she was threatening you because of yours. count yourself lucky to not have her as a friend. also, get a more inflammatory bumper sticker (or three). every time a comment is made, get another sticker and make your daughter a pariah. brilliant way for her to start school.
wait, who’s side am i on?


Comment by writingmama04.

Wow, there are some strong feelings running on this Q&A today. Might I suggest that this woman may just have been trying to have a conversation that doesn’t stem from who fell on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ last night or which Vodka leaves the smallest hangover? Now I wouldn’t think that this is the best way to breach a friendly political discussion, but who says that Moms can only talk about why the principal should be fired or what is the best way to spend the PTA fund raising money? You can only listen to talk radio or yell at the talking heads on MSNBC so long. Are anyone’s view’s better than the others? How will we know if we never sit down and talk – in a safe, non-threatening, tire-iron-free environment. Maybe this woman needs a local coffee corner with like-minded moms that can come – that know before hand what they are getting into. Not ambushed in the parking lot. Maybe she should start one of these groups herself. What’s the worst that could happen. Just schedule it over the cocktail hour – then if it’s a non-starter, there’s always that Tito’s Homemade Vodka.


Comment by kokopuff.

I have my own tire iron, so these comments never bother me.


Comment by Lisa.

Am I the only one that REALLY wants to know what the bumper sticker says?


Comment by Truthful Mommy.

I personally would have answered her with a resounding, “Oh yeah, Me too! I keep it in my passenger floorboard for instances just like these!” then chuckle wildly. That ladies not just a bitch, she is an inappropriately, mouthy bitch who apparently thinks she has license to say whatever she wants to you.Scare her. Show her your flavor of crazy and then avoid her like the plague.


Comment by Vodka Tonic.

Meh, depends on the bumper sticker…


Comment by Patty.

Darn, I’m late to this, but I have a stock answer to people during election years: “I may not agree with you, but I will defend to the death your right to make a complete ass of yourself.”

Fighting words, maybe, but I really will defend free speech to the death. Maybe not to the tire iron in the windshield, but to the death.


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