10 Aug
Craft Store Smackdown

Dear Mouthy Housewives,

Last night I was in my local craft store waiting in a long line because there was just one cashier.   After 10 minutes, an additional cashier arrived so I started to walk over since I was the next in line. Then suddenly, some lady from the back, who hadn’t even waited in line for 10 minutes, raced over and took my spot. Totally blown away, I said, “How about you let the person who was NEXT in line go?” She agreed, but I still can’t believe that someone would be that rude.   Am I the wrong one here?


Civilized Crafter


Dear Civilized Crafter,

Unfortunately, I don’t have much experience shopping in craft stores. After I nearly blinded myself with a pipe cleaner while trying to make a fun, decorative wreath in 1993, I decided it was better for everyone if I put my glue gun back into its holster and took up the less dangerous hobby of drunken skateboarding. So far it’s worked out well.

That said, I have certainly found myself in your situation many, many times in the past. There you are, patiently waiting in line to buy the new Jonas Bros. CD that’s going to be like, so totally amazing, and minutes before you get it into your hot, little hands, some preteen jackass jumps in line in front of you and snags the very last one. Without even asking you for cut-sies!

People have lost their lives for less.

Now, did you handle the Crazed Crafter in the appropriate manner? I’d say so. Of course, one would hope that the cashier could have handled this for you, since you were indeed the next in line.   (They always do an excellent job of that at Costco.) But since the line-jumper’s time is no more important than yours, you have every right to speak up for yourself. But next time, I’d advise against the aggressive approach and maybe try a more gentle, “I guess you didn’t notice, but I was next.”

After all, the woman might have been holding knitting needles.


Wendi, TMH

6 Responses to “Craft Store Smackdown”


Comment by christy.

I’m with Wendi. And now that I’m a mom, I find I’m (usually) more lenient – because sometimes I’m the one running around like a crazy person in the store because my husband is waiting in the car with a wailing baby waiting for me to hurry up so we can get home and feed her. But that’s just me. I do hate line cutters though.


Comment by Amber in Albuquerque.

Good plan…although as a rule I tend toward the more aggressive option…of course, I’m usually the one with the knitting needles.


Comment by The Mouthy Housewives » Craft Store Smackdown.

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Comment by grandmother of 5.

A girlfriend of mine was looking for parking at the Mall—She shot into a parking spot in front of a lady who she knew full well was going to park there!! The lady smiled and nodded and went on to park somewhere else—Feeling pretty proud of herself for being sooo slick my friend went on and did her shopping!! When she returned her vintage Mustang had the back window totally Busted out!!!! She soooo deserved it and you can bet the craft store lady will one day get hers!!!!!!!!


Comment by JennyMac.

This is why I can not go to craft stores without a patience tablet under my tongue.


Comment by LISA5OF5.

Yesterday I accidentally stepped in front of another shopper in line at K-mart. Honestly, I didn’t see her because she was hidden by one of those ginormous square polls in the middle of the aisle. Anyway, she about had a frikken coronary and of course I apologized profusely, but it didn’t help. She was just one of those people looking for a reason to be mad.

So here’s what I think: Don’t be a doormat, but don’t be jerk either. People make mistakes. Cut them some slack ’cause maybe next time it’ll be you.

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