14 Dec
Age Is Nothin’ But a (Wrong) Number

Dear Mouthy Housewives,

I’ve been friendly with the mother of one of my kids for a little over a year. We’ve had coffee together a couple of times and were planning on taking Pilates classes together. However, the last time I talked to her, I said, “You’re 42, right? You sure don’t look 42.” She then yelled, “What? I’m 35! That’s why I don’t look 42!” and now she’s giving me the cold shoulder. How do I apologize?


Bad With Numbers


Dear Bad,

It seems that you never got the memo saying that one should never, ever say how old someone is out loud. Even if you’re holding their birth certificate in your hand. Or at their 40th birthday party. Or if they’re yelling “Kiss my ass, I’m 50!” while wearing a shirt that says, “Kiss My Ass, I’m 50!” and getting a permanent tattoo on their butt cheek that says, “Kiss My Ass, I’m 50!” You just don’t do it.

But, you did, so let’s see how we can mop up this mess.

The most obvious and painful route would be to just come clean and say, “I’m so sorry I said you were 42. I was confused” and leave it at that. If she accepts your apology, great. If she doesn’t, then you’ll probably never become Pilates Besties, but you can still be nice and polite to her until she hopefully forgets about it.

If that’s not appealing to you, here’s another way to go: The next time you see her, point to her stomach and loudly congratulate her on being in her second trimester. I’m pretty sure that’ll make her forget all about being 42.

Good luck,

Wendi, TMH


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13 Responses to “Age Is Nothin’ But a (Wrong) Number”


Comment by Lexi.

Tweeted your college roommate question…..as a sorority house mom it hit too close to home not to….LOL

Lexi Reply:

http://twitter.com/#!/lexiswin (Forgot the link, sorry!)


Comment by Desperate Dietwives.

I suppose you already apologized… so just forget about it, till she forgets it herself. And if she doesn’t, think you’re lucky your glitch happened so soon: imagine going on for some 10 years, before finding out she’s a total freak!


Comment by subWOW.

I’m so sorry for the reader. That would be one of my worst nightmares really.

The advice given is hilarious though. If it were me, I would be talking to my husband about moving to a different city… (sadly, I’m only half kidding…)


Comment by Sophie, Inzaburbs.

I don’t get it. You didn’t tell her she looked 42. You told her she didn’t look 42. She’s obviously totally neurotic.

But … if you really still want to be her friend, apologize and then tell her that her you are relieved she is only 35 – you were insanely jealous when you thought she was 42 but looked 28.

chickimamma Reply:

Yes, an apoligy with a compliment should do it. I am friends with a lot of spring chickens, it will work!


Comment by Becky K.

I think if she is offended so easily and then holds a grudge, you are better off getting as far away from the crazy as possible.

JubanMama Reply:

Seriously. This is definitely a blessing in disguise. Just imagine how she would react if you DID say something truly offensive???


Comment by annie.

Ah don’t feel bad! I once had a hair stylist, (in an attempt to make me feel better about the horrible cut I’d just gotten), tell me he thought it took years off – that i didn’t look a day over 32. I was 26.


Comment by marathonmom.

2nd trimester – bwahahahahahah!


Comment by mom, again.

I was having my first mammogram, at age 40. I was having difficulty understanding how I was supposed to contort my body in order to keep my gravity affected boob laying flat across the machine which was at shoulder height long enough for the tech to adjust the upper plate to smash it flatter. The tech was quite grumpy and muttery about having to readjust the boob and try again with the smashing. As I was dressing afterward, she was doing whatever with the paperwork and loudly exclaimed “oh! I thought you were the 50 year old, I didn’t realized this was your first mammogram!”


Comment by Cheryl.

What? You didn’t apologize at the time? If you did and she refused to accept, sounds like she’s got issues with more than her age.


Comment by Cheryl.

Ha! I tweeted it right this time. http://bit.ly/dT15KJ

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