12 May
Stepmothers and Presents and Vibrators, Oh My!

Dear TMH,

Are real people giving each other vibrators as gifts now or is that only on “Sex & The City?” A friend of mine told me that she gave her stepdaughter a vibrator and I thought that was weird. But maybe I’m the weirdo?


Morta Fied


Dear Morta,

Of course it’s weird. Well, unless the stepdaugher is an adult, that is. Assuming that she is, the reason that you probably think it’s weird is that you’ve bought the Disney stepmother myth hook, line and sinker. Let me deDisneyfy you gently.

Prince Charming does not appear, if you’re asleep for days, you’re in a coma and stepmothers don’t  torture their stepdaughters and deny them access to the ball. Sometimes, they offer friendly advice, wisdom and yes, on occasion, a gift that vibrates. Of course it’s not always appropriate. If things are tense between you and your stepdaughter because you were just indicted for poisoning her father, for example, a vibrator doesn’t scream “wrongly accused!” as loudly as you may hope.

But if your stepdaughter is over eighteen and asks you for mature advice, it is perfectly acceptable to give the gift that keeps on giving. (Just to be clear, I’m referring to a vibrator, not herpes.)    Just make sure to hand it to her discretely and not as part of a Secret Santa exchange. And if you  do  want to give a vibrator but still stick with the Disney stepmother theme, just get one with burs.


Marinka, TMH

9 Responses to “Stepmothers and Presents and Vibrators, Oh My!”


Comment by Andrea's Sweet Life.

I’m so happy my parents stayed married, if for no other reason than to never have to receive a vibrator with burs from my step mother.

However, I may still get this gift from my mother in law.


Comment by Twitted by MarinkaNYC.

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Comment by Ashlie- Mommycosm.

LOL – loving this new site. Very funny.


Comment by wa.

Do they make a Poisoned Apple massage gel to go with it?


Comment by Andrea.

This seems to be the new rage, even in the midwest. I am in pharmacy school and everyone is having these parties that include alcohol and a woman selling these products. Of course, you meet with the lady individually to purchase whatever you want, but get to make fun of everything as a group when she is showing you her bag o’ toys. Makes sense for a group of twenty-somethings, but as a gift from a stepmom? Yeah, um weird to me, but whatever floats your boat. Oh and love this new site too!


Comment by Roshni.

Thanks for signing your name, Marinka, and the rest of TMH!!


Comment by Melissa.

Ok I would freak out if my mother gave me a vibrator!!! Maybe a girlfriend but only for like a bachelorette night!

My dad and I were shopping once in a gag gift store, and he said he was going to buy my mom a vibrator as a goof.

I walked away from him!


Comment by zelzee.

I was a stepmother.

I think you just showed me a way (too late) that I could have ended that marriage……..alot quicker!


Comment by alex.

It really depends on the context and the relationship. It’s a weird gift regardless of age if there was nothing that indicated there might be a need or desire for a sexual aid. Conversely, when I was in high school I envied the girls who’s moms had the presence of mind to realize their daughters were becoming sexually mature (while still being too immature to have sex) and needed something to take the edge off. Meanwhile, I was saving my pennies (literally) to afford the high quality toys at the little store downtown.

If this stepmom is had a girl talk with her step daughter and realized that a toy used responsibly will help keep the kid sane and avoid disease, pregnancy and emotional issues that come with having sex with the Unclean that comprise the entire adolescent boy population, who are we to cry foul?

If, however, this was an indiscreet gift given to a kid who didn’t want or ask for it, that is weird and inappropriate.

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