01 Oct
Being Bad Can Be Very Good For You

This week on The Mouthy Housewives, we are giving away a simply divine diaper bag from Baby Star. It’s so gorgeous, you don’t even need a baby to use it. Trust me, the other moms will be silently stewing in envy. Click here to find out about the giveaway and how to enter.

29 Responses to “Being Bad Can Be Very Good For You”


Comment by misguidedmommy.

Am I doing this right? I am trying to enter the diaper bag contest and it said to comment on the home page and technically this is the home page and omg I sound like a weird commenting rookie or something.

Anywho, the weirdest thing I’ve ever kept in my diaper bag would be well, I think the answer would be what I didn’t keep in. I can’t tell you how often I didn’t have diapers, had baby wipes that were DRY, lost my oragel and was punished by a screaming baby, couldn’t find the Tylenol, so I guess the weirdest thing would be having all of the wrong things and none of the right thing. I mean, what kind of mom in her right mind would leave the house with a teething baby and NO ORAGEL?


Comment by Tara.

Another confused newbie, but if misguidedmommy can do it, by golly, so can I! Sadly, though, I have kept nothing interesting in our diaper bag. We even ditched the large bag in favor of the smaller formula company bag they gave us at the hospital — filled with just a few diapers, wipes, a changing pad, a burp cloth, and bottles. My husband calls it “the go bag,” which is about as manly as a diaper bag will ever get.


Comment by Lady Fi.

Great advice there! And yay – you – for finishing off that bottle!


Comment by A Mom on Spin.

Ariel sucking on something. . .now there’s my thought for the day. . .


Comment by prefers her fantasy life.

We all need a little more bad in life to feel good. Thanks for the reminder.


Comment by Wendi.

Yes, this is the right place for diaper bag comments!

And Ariel “sucking on something”…like maybe Pinnochio’s nose?


Comment by KathyB!.

Hmmm… weirdest thing kept in my diaper bag would be tampons I guess…Not like a baby needs those, right?


Comment by aprilv.

The strangest thing I keep in the diaper bag is CHOCOLATE BARS!! Any other place and they would be found & ate!! You know NO ONE is going in the diaper bag if they can help it. That’s MOMS job. So I figured might as well take advantage of the “job”. 😉


Comment by Nicole.

I live in Canada – British Columbia and in an area where we have all these regional parks. At the park entrances, there are dispensers for little biodegradable plastic bags so people can pick up their dogs’ business.

I keep those in my diaper bag to stash dirty diapers until I can get home (we cloth diaper) or get to a garbage can (if I’m using a disposable for whatever reason).


Comment by tornshoelace.

my laptop.
How sad is that?
Mommy needed to get work done and the laptop bag strap had broken.
2 birds, 1 stone, as far as I am concerned!


Comment by Babs.

Now it has been many years since I needed to use a diaper bag….but back in the day there was always a few condoms kept in the bag. My husband was in the Navy and they came in handy when he got back from sea 🙂


Comment by Akilah Sakai.

The places I could go with Ariel sucking on something. Hush my mouth!

Never kept anything weird in the diaper bag ‘cos you never know if your MIL may help you out by grabbing a pamper and wipes out of it. I kept the usual: pampers, wipes, bibs, change of clothes, paci, receiving blankets, and an emergency info card that told people NOT to breath on my new baby, but to call The Hubster in case of an emergency. What is it with strangers in stores touching on the baby’s delicate, new skin with their Purell-less hands?! Ew!


Comment by Ann.

Ariel or a cupcake?

You crack me up.


Comment by Kate Coveny Hood.

I don’t need the diaper bag – but I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed this one. Where were you when I was a young single goody-two-shoes? I did do the short skirt thing, but that was during the Ali McBeal era when we all wore minis to work. Now that semi-topless suggestion? Priceless.


Comment by J.

Leaving my comment! Jess – you are too funny – and I must say, love the hairdoo! xo Keep it up housewives.


Comment by Nutmeg.

I haven’t had to carry around a diaper bag yet (just found out I’m pregnant today actually!), but my sister is the queen of packrats with her diaper bag. Right now, she’s carrying around an air pump! I’m not sure why it’s even in there. I’ve also seen screws and nails floating around in there, courtesy of her second child.


Comment by MiniCircus.

My diaper bag has come to rival the junk drawer, everything you could never need or never use is inside that monster tote- expired coupons, an emergency outfit that I’m sure is too small now, diapers in the wrong size, a bandaid container that is empty, and dried up wipes… maybe if I had this awesome,stylish bag it would store more useful things!!


Comment by Lulu.

I borrowed my sister’s old diaper bag and didn’t like it so I currently stuff all my stuff into a tote (aka: the black hole). I NEED a diaper bag or at least a bag with pockets 😉 I decided to look in my “diaper” bag and see what is weird and I came up with an old cough drop, an umbrella (it doesn’t rain in south texas) and a mini measuring tape (glad I found it). Ha ha. There is also a nice lining on the bottom of old receipts and change.


Comment by amy.

I have to say that the weirdest thing I have carried around in a diaper bag is a cat toy (catnip mouse to be exact)…no I didn’t know it was in there when I left the house…but prob should have have known b/c my cats are always hiding their toys from each other.


Comment by StumptownMom.

Nothing too weird in my diaper bag – but I use it for my laptop/work bag some too. And I found a tiny pair of newborn socks in the waterbottle mesh pocket. So cute that I had to leave it there 🙂


Comment by Domestic Princess.

I’m not a mommy YET…but I’ve baby my BF daughter enough. I’ve put dog food in her diaper bag before. Dog food and cheerio’s..ummm!



Comment by Rebecca.

To me, the funniest thing I ever kept in the diaper bag was DEPENDS!!! I have to admit that when I first had my son, the nurses at the hospital recommended them over pads. They said that they would be more comfortable too. And they were RIGHT!!! I loved them!! I carried 2 or 3 with me in the diaper bag everywhere we went, just in case!! One day, my stepdaughter was changing my sons diaper and asked me why the diaper she had placed on him was so huge. She also wanted to tell me that it was a really strange diaper because there was nothing to keep it together. I had to stifle my laughter when I told her that she had put a depend on him. Not a baby diaper. I told her that unfortunately, what you used to keep them together was currently being used…by me!! It was pretty funny. We all had a good laugh…she never made the mistake of grabbing the wrong diaper again!


Comment by Pam R..

I don’t tend to keep any strange things in my diaper bag. It usually contains the books, toys, soothers, spare clothes, etc. for both kids. What is often missing, however,are the wipes.

On one such occasion, my son and I were on our way to a mom & baby exercise class when he had a huge blowout. I searched and searched but there was not a wipe to be found. I figured it really wouldn’t be a problem since there were lots of moms & babies; surely someone would have extra wipes! Sure enough, one of the moms was kind enough to share her wipes. As she squatted down to find them in her diaper bag, however, she split her pants all the way up the back. She was too embarrassed to stay for the class as she was wearing a thong. The worst part is that she never returned…


Comment by Erin.

The only strange thing that I keep in the diaper bag is a squirt bottle for cloth wipes. And I tend to forget that! Oh, and of course… the obligatory poopy cloth diaper. Heaven help the person who steals MY bag!


Comment by Heather.

Well, I don’t have a kid yet so I don’t have a diaper bag to have put anything strange in it yet lol! But I was hoping to win this for my friend who has two little girls and another one on the way. I know that she has often does some pretty funny things, but I don’t know of any funny items that she has in her diaper bag…But I do know that often times she’ll thrown her items that she usually keeps in her purse (such as a snack, wallet, keys, lip gloss, etc.) in her diaper bag so that she just has to carry one bag, which simplifies things.


Comment by Amy @ The Bitchin' Wives Club.

A flask in the diaper bag is definitely something to consider. Only if you are ‘green’ mommy, though, who walks everywhere. A little nip at the park def. makes the day go smooother!


Comment by New Mommy-to-be.

I found out last week that I am pregnant with our first child. So I haven’t found anything strange in my own diaper bag, as I don’t have one yet! Though some comments on here I may take as advice… like using it as a purse too, and the flask! Brilliant!!!


Comment by fleebers.

My hubbies friend gave him a couple of bottles of his home brewed beer–which he stuffed in the diaper bag without telling me. I found out later in the ladies restroom when I was unloading the bag in search of wipes. I got a few dirty looks as I stacked 3 bottles of beer on the changing table…


Comment by melanie.

weirdest thing in my diaper bag? i guess i’m not very weird. the only thing i can think of is the time i carried my own shoes in there. i needed to have something comfortable to change into.

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