12 Mar
The Mouthy Housewives’ Seal of Approval

Oscar season may be over, but we’re still celebrating! That’s right, it’s time for our Seal of Approval! This week we hand it over to Sherri, who blogs at Old Tweener for her very funny and very poignant post, Envy.

Check it out!

5 Responses to “The Mouthy Housewives’ Seal of Approval”


Comment by Yuliya.

Sherri so deserves this honor!


Comment by Sherri.

Wow, what an honor…I almost spit my coffee out this morning! But then I realized I would have to clean it up….

Thank you for the seal of approval; I will wear it with pride.


Comment by Raleigh Mom.

written so eloquently and absolutely true!! we are all beautiful. I am lucky to have a husband who reminds me of this often!


Comment by Missy @ Wonder, Friend.

Perfect post. Congratulations, Sherri!


Comment by Alexandra.

What an honor.

This post deserves the Seal of Approval from here.

It had everything.

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