03 Jul
TMH Seal of Approval

12Each week The Mouthy Housewives gives out our Seal of Approval to our favorite post of the week!

This week, it goes to barefoot foodie for her very vivid and hilarious description of summer. I’m thinking this may not be her favorite season. But after reading her post, it’s ours.   Congrats Brittany!

4 Responses to “TMH Seal of Approval”


Comment by Amo.

I LOVED her post! Truly had me in tears.

And I laughed again when I put on jeans last night!


Comment by dizzblnd.

Thank you for that link. You are right, it was hilarious! I am now stalking her


Comment by Mel @ A Box of Chocolates.

Great pick! It was a hilarious, and relatable, post and I laughed my butt off when I read it.


Comment by Akilah Sakai.

That was the funniest!

Laughing my ass off, though I share some of her summertime “issues” …

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