26 Jun
Seal Of Approval

Hooray, it’s our first Mouthy Housewives Seal of Approval of the summer!

In case you haven’t heard about it on all of the major media outlets, we bestow our (almost, sort of, OK not really) coveted SOA upon a post that we think is so incredible, it needs to be shared with our readers. We’re sweet that way.

Today that post is “Swimsuit Edition” by the wonderful Jennifer at These Are Days. If you have a daughter or if you’ve ever put on a swimsuit, you’re going to really love what she has to say. We sure did.

Congratulations, Jennifer! We think you (and your knees) are fabulous.

3 Responses to “Seal Of Approval”


Comment by Mommy on the Spot.

Thanks for posting that! I loved it!!


Comment by shafeena.

wow.. thats just amazing !!


Comment by Jennifer.

Ladies. Ladies, ladies, ladies. I am so beyond honored and thrilled to have this (or frankly any) seal of approval. There’s not a whole lot better than writing something from your heart and then getting a good response to it. It just feels so good to connect with other women out there about this stuff.
So thank you from the bottom of my heart and these knobby ol’ knees. Thank you for the kudos and thank you for relating.

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