27 Jan
Up Close and Personal With the Housewives: Meet Marinka!

Hello! It’s time, once again, for Meet the Housewives! Last week we enjoyed getting to know Wendi and now we’re ready to Meet Marinka!

Name: Marinka

Hometown: NYC

Age: 44, but looks younger. Especially in childhood photos.

And now here are some Q & As that will answer all the questions you never had about her!

If you were stranded on an island what celebrity would you choose to be stranded with and why?

Johnny Depp. He speaks Pirate.

Which would you rather:
-Strawberry Hill or Zima?

I don’t do drugs.

-sleep with Karl Rove or give a full body massage to Gary Busey?

A little late with that question. (Call me!)

If you were a stripper, what would be your signature song?

If? Fine. I Will Survive. It’s a klassik.

What’s your blood type?

AB-. What’s yours? I always like to surround myself with potential donors.

Who is your favorite comedian?

Robin Williams.

Why is the sky blue?

Because grass called green.

Square or rounded?

Square. OMG, does someone choose rounded?

What should they name the first Royal Child?


Most embarrassing memory?

Yeah, right. Do I look like I was born yesterday?

What are you currently reading?

These questions. Is this a trick one?

Why do fools fall in love?

So that we can have reality TV.

If you were on a desert island, what three items (or people) would you bring?

A ship, a captain, and probably Tenille.

That’s all there is to know about Marinka! Nothing else! Certainly no criminal record or anything, so stop asking! We’ll be back soon with another Up Close and Personal Q&A! Will it be Kelcey? Tonya? Kristine? Perhaps Wendi will get some more questions to answer! Try to enjoy the weekend amid all the suspense!

14 Responses to “Up Close and Personal With the Housewives: Meet Marinka!”


Comment by Ahem.

[…] celebrate my new toilet wisdom, I am sharing some Up Close and Personal Q&A over at The Mouthy Housewives. There’s even a photo! Of […]


Comment by Wendi.

Please get that haircut again. PLEASE.


Comment by Stephanie.

Ha! Love it! Keep ’em coming!


Comment by Heather.

I was going to ask why you’re topless in that childhood picture, but then I read the thing about being a stripper and it all clicked together.

Marinka Reply:

In Russia, toddler girls didn’t wear bikini tops, not having breasts and all. I’m pretty sure that’s why we left to come to America.


Comment by Megan.



Comment by kokopuff.

I am completely baffled by the square or rounded question. Do you mean fingernails?

Marinka Reply:

I answered for fingernails AND shoe toes.


Comment by tracy@sellabitmum.

Thank goodness for reality TV. And Marinka.


Comment by deborah quinn.

that is the most adorable baby picture i’ve ever seen and if you didn’t already have a fmaily or parents, i’d adopt you. if you’d like to trade in your current family ties, please contact me. A.DOR.AB.L

Marinka Reply:

You know, I haven’t been super-satisfied with my childhood lately and feel that I’m owed another one.

Please forward your details, including stock portfolio, to my people ASAP.


Comment by Becky.

My answer to why do fools fall in love would have been reality TV AND trashy celebrity magazines. Embrace all media!


Comment by dusty earth mother.

Oh. That picture. That picture, that picture. Muskrat Love.


Comment by Kelcey.

OMG – I can’t stand Robin Williams. How are we friends?!

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