20 Dec
Thanks for the Gift, Where’s the Receipt?

Dear Mouthy Housewives,

My daughter got two of the same presents for her birthday. I would like to return one. Neither has a tag or a receipt. Is it rude to ask one of the moms where she got it?


Returning Rebecca


Dear Rebecca,

I fall firmly in the “not rude” camp on this one.  Because unless the gifts in question are identical diamond bracelets, it just makes sense to exchange one of the gifts for something that your daughter doesn’t already have.


What if the gift that your daughter received is a regift?  And the mom doesn’t know where it came from.


How well do you know the mom in question?  And how confident are you that in a few weeks The Mouthy Housewives won’t be answering the “How do I tell my so-called-friend how hurt I was that she returned the gift that I spent literally minutes picking out for her daughter? Signed, Wounded Wanda?”

If I were to guess, you’d have a conversation that would go something like this:  “Hi, listen, thank you so much for your gift.  My daughter loves it.  I love it.  We all love it.  And we love you.  A lot. We love you so much that we feel like we can be honest with you.”  At this point you will pause dramatically and your friend will most likely succumb to tremendous anxiety that you are about to deliver life shattering news.

It’s very exhausting.  And makes me think that I am also firmly in the “Don’t say anything to anyone about any gifts and just regift the duplicate or donate it to Toys for Tots” camp.

Who knew that I was such a camper?

If, on the third hand, the mom is easy-going and probably has already forgotten what she gave your daughter, then by all means.  Although there is a slight chance that she won’t have a clue about where she bought it.

Is it me, or is a no gifts policy starting to sound like a great idea?

Best wishes,

Marinka, TMH


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8 Responses to “Thanks for the Gift, Where’s the Receipt?”


Comment by Desperate Dietwives.

How about if your daughter asked her friend about a change? I feel it’s easier for teenagers than for adults, to ask such things…

Desperate Dietwives Reply:

I mean, your daughter asks the other mom’s daughter!


Comment by Naoma.

I’m not sure what you were given but if it’s something that can easily be found on the average shelf of the average chain store it’s highly likely they’ll accept the gift (still in original packaging) for a store credit. Smile sweetly and speak only to a manager…it just might work.

Otherwise, I agree with TMH~ don’t say a word and wrap it up for another girl’s birthday party down the road.


Marinka, TMH Reply:

Hmm, I disagree with this.

Because while Returning Rebecca may in fact get away with it, it’s not fair to the store to unload the merchandise that may not have come from there.

But it may be just because I don’t know from “smile sweetly.”



Comment by K-Line.

It’s a perfect regift opp. I wouldn’t say anything…


Comment by Yuliya.

I really wish that someone would institute a worldwide ban on gift giving sans receipt. Mouthy Housewives please make my dreams a reality.


Comment by Returning Rebecca.

I know you are all dying for an update. I regifted the present in question and in a crazy, bizarre twist, told the mom that my daughter loved her gift so much that since I got two, I gave one to another little girl. Probably TMI, but we are tight and she is pretty easy-going. So, stay tuned for the soon-to-come question of “How could a good friend tell me they regifted the present.” and my follow up question, “I regifted a gift and my friend asked me where I got it, what do I say?” and so the cycle continues.


Comment by Obagi.

I don’t think it’s rude. Just be open and honest. Lying about it and her finding out is way worse. Just be open and honest. She’ll probably want to find an alternative gift for you.

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