07 May
Dinner? Didn’t They Just Have Dinner Yesterday?

Dear Mouthy Housewife,

Do you have any suggestions for quick, easy family dinners?


Screw You, Hamburger Helper!

Dear Screw,

What do I look like, Julia Child? Wait, don’t answer that. The way I see it, the trouble with cooking is that we go all out and prepare a delicious meal, which takes hours–finding the recipe, shopping for the ingredients, chopping, mincing, sauteing, drinking heavily, pureeing, basting, roasting, remixing a cocktail, garnishing, serving, and it’s consumed in mere minutes. And the next day, they expect more food. It makes a girl think that Marie Antoinette had the right idea with the whole “let them eat cake”. But they guillotined her because no one wants children to ruin their appetites and be hyper from all the sugar. I think.

I’ll give you my secret: cook in bulk, like they do in prison. Stews, meatballs, meatloaf-yes. Cornish hens-no. If you can double the recipe and freeze part of it, all the better. Time saver for the future.

As for the recipes themselves, if you want a great book that walks you through making a supereasy beef stew, and other staples, you have to get Laurie Colwin’s Home Cooking. Laurie’s recipes are unintimidating and the results are delicious. I have two copies of her book and if we were neighbors, you could borrow one. But we’re not. So you can’t. If you’re not within bookstore range, get recipes from Epicurious.com. Super easy.

And remember, the chef never cleans. That’s what we had children for in the first place.

Bon appetit, mon cheri.



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10 Responses to “Dinner? Didn’t They Just Have Dinner Yesterday?”


Comment by dizzblnd.

Came here from Amy @ the Bitchin Wives Club.

I think I will like it here and I look forward to lots of laughs


Comment by Amanda.

Amazing how those little critters want food on a daily basis. I keep trying to get mine to eat in bulk (say, weekly), but no dice.

Since they’re unwilling to accommodate us, your suggestions are spot-on for staying less crazy.

Please keep this blog going. Other than the risk to my keyboard from spittakes, it’s pretty close to perfect.


Comment by ellyn.

I really liked the part about the clean up crew. Looking forward to that in a few years.

Love to cook hate to clean. That’s me.


Comment by passions & soapboxes.

Oh I like that part about not cleaning. Love to cook… hate to clean. Soups are nice because they freeze well. You can even freeze them in individual portions so they can nuke them and you don’t have to do a thing.


Comment by Nicole.

LOL, I have a recipe for you. Stop by and check it out. My kids love it.


Comment by phd in yogurtry.

Laurie Colwin, the author of Family Happiness? Love, love, love that novel (which included many food references).


Comment by suburbancorrespondent.

Hello? You have 2 copies – where’s the giveaway?!


Comment by Nate's Mom.

I once saved a lot of money, over a summer break of about 10 weeks, doing the following: Shortly before dinner time, I went to one of 3 chain grocery stores nearby. I bought whatever prepared/freezer-to-nuker/etc meal was on sale at the time, took it home and voila. Granted, deeply depressed at the time, but saved time and money. Feeling better now, thanks for asking.


Comment by Sharleena.

Always the best content from these priodgoius writers.


Comment by There's Life on Cooking Planit | The Mouthy Housewives.

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