01 Nov
Too Much Candy!

Dear Mouthy Housewives,

Every year my kids go trick or treating and come home with enough candy to make us all diabetics.   I know, kids will be kids, but is it wrong to just throw some of it out?


Candy Witch


Dear Candy Witch,

Your question is timely not just because it’s The Morning After the Halloween festivities but because just last week, I read a great article about whether candy is evil. Or at least I looked at the colorful pretty pictures.   Dr. Samira Kawash, who was interviewed for the article (and whose   Candy Professor blog is a must-read), examines how candy is maligned in our society– although it is one of the few foods that is   honest. “It has always been a processed food, eaten for pleasure, with no particular nutritional benefit.”   Unlike many other foods that masquerade as “healthy” and “nutritious” despite outrageous caloric and sugar levels.  I appreciate candy’s candor.

Whether you limit how much candy your children have or let them pace themselves is up to you.   Some children will eat their own weight in sugar, while others will have a few pieces at a time and still be showing off their dregs in the New Year.

Don’t make candy so scarce that it takes the forbidden fruit status.   And not only because that often means that everyone needs to get a new wardrobe.   Based on my high school experience, supplemented generously by a proper dosage After School Specials, children who are denied sugary treats will come to seek them out and overindulge.

So find a balance that works for your family, enforce the limit and don’t forget to take some for yourself.  This will introduce your children to the concept of taxation and wealth redistribution.Surely they will thank you for it!


9 Responses to “Too Much Candy!”


Comment by Wendi.

Great advice. I’m planning on donating our extra candy to the poor, skinny woman next door who wears size 26 jeans. She’s obviously starving.


Comment by dusty earth mother.

I’ve hidden our Halloween candy. Which doesn’t really work, because I’VE hidden our Halloween candy.


Comment by annie.

I had candy candy and more candy for breakfast today. But, I balanced it with 2 cups of coffee so I’m all good. I find if I eat most of it, I don’t have to worry about their teeth.


Comment by Plano Mom.

Just make sure you have plenty of antacids for the chocolate heartburn. We inspect our kids candy, then give them the opportunity to give us some before we teach them that taxation lesson.


Comment by Karin.

I’m the one who will eat my weight in candy… however, I’m also the one that will ask my hubby to hide it and hence, I recently found candy from last Halloween… I know it was last Halloween b/c we renovated our kitchen spring 2009. When we renovated, we found A BUNCH from the previous years. crap – now I know where hubby hides the candy… guess I have to go run a mile or 2…


Comment by Helena.

Ah Marinka, you are so wise


Comment by Kim - Mommycosm.

I let the kids choose 10 pieces of their favorite candy and we sell the rest to a local dentist for $1/pound. He then sends the candy to the troops overseas.

This has become a great holiday tradition for us. The kids get excited to go to more houses during trick-or-treat b/c they know they are doing good. I don’t get overwhelmed when I see buckets full of candy in the house… because if I’m left alone with it I’ll eat it.


Comment by Deborah.

I agree that a child would be more inclined to overindulge if always denied candy. We explained that we like to fill up on “main” foods (nutritious foods) first and then add dessert at the end. So far, it’s working pretty well.


Comment by Jennifer June.

Toss them to the curb! And throw the candy out while you’re at it!

A friend of mine lets her kids eat as much as they want for 2 or 3 day and the rest goes in the garbage.

Another friend let’s hers eat all they want all weekend and then trade it for a material possession like a book or a harmonica or something small like that.

My husband and I used to just eat most of it while our kids were sleeping.

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