15 May
This Mouthy Needs A Manager



Yesterday, we announced the kickoff to our Birthday Week, here at The Mouthy Housewives! As is tradition, we use this week to turn the tables on you, dear, wise readers, in the hopes that you can help us with some of our problems. This not only relieves our stress, but frees up some time for extra margaritas and wine spritzers!

Today, Kristine is calling for a little help from her friends…

Dear Mouthy Housewife Readers,

I’m kind of bad with managing my time. Since I, my husband, and our two boys moved from New York to Texas last year, I’ve found it difficult to get as much done during the day as I used to. I’ve tried making lists, and organizing my week, but without fail, I always find myself planted in front of a Real Housewives of New Jersey marathon, or shopping for overpriced bohemian garb at Anthropologie.com.

It has created some tension in the house, since I’m regularly frustrated by my inability to set and accomplish goals. I don’t think I’m unmotivated, because I get a great sense of pride when I can do something tangible like organizing our files or moving the laundry pile from one spot to another. I don’t think I”m depressed, either, because I’m already heavily medicated! Maybe I’m just overwhelmed by how much that needs to be done? Or maybe I’m distracted in too many directions, since I work from home, have two young kids, and also am trying to starve myself to death on a juicing cleanse?

What do you think? Any tips?


Kristine, TMH

15 Responses to “This Mouthy Needs A Manager”


Comment by Cindy Lou.

Something my mom did when I was growing up that really helped was involve the kids. Depending on how old your kids are, they might could accomplish little bits of one of your tasks if explained clearly. I also find that having a list then listening to Broadway soundtracks while checking items off the list really helps move things along.


Comment by Kim.

As a “rule” I get up, get dressed, and don’t turn the TV on until I’ve met all of my goals for the day. If I was out of the house working I wouldn’t be watching it at the office, so no need to have it on distracting me at home! I also have a list of sites that I block on my work computer to remove the temptation for online shopping, facebooking and the like.
Music is good, too. 🙂 Good luck!


Comment by Victoria.

I fall into the same trap, but it’s usually Tabitha’s Salon Takeover that I watch and end up wishing she’d come take-over my messy house.

I’d suggest crack-cocaine. It’ll help you out much better than the juice cleanse and you’ll have loads of endless energy.


Comment by suburbancorrespondent.

That happened to me after we moved (2 times, it happened). I think all the energy and organization we have to put into the move itself has a sort of backlash effect. And I also find that, even if I am not clinically depressed, I still have to go into the “things I need to do if I am depressed” mode in order to get back on track: get showered and dressed right away in the morning, no screen time until I do a couple of tasks, etc. It may not be actual depresseion, but that post-moving syndrome sure acts like it.


Comment by Plano Mom.

Also heavily medicated, also have to get my butt showered and dressed and a smile on my face, like I’m actually going in to work. Depression is sneaky, even when medicated. It requires so much energy to fight. However take heart because for people who have it under control, it manifests itself in an amazing clarity at what you are not accomplishing. Cut yourself some slack, acknowledge that you’re going through a bit of a challenge, and take it one 15 minute job at a time. Soon you’ll be leaving the TV off all day long and your sock drawer will be organized.

Plano Mom Reply:

Oh, and when you get to that point, come over and help me with my socks. I’m addicted to Say Yes To the Dress and Bridezillas.

Leslie Reply:

love your comment!


Comment by radmegan.

I agree that this could be moving backlash. I had a couple of months of non-stop, breakneck freelance work and then my schedule opened WAY up. I thought I’d get loads of stuff done, but instead I caught up on every tv show known to man and barely showered for a week (my husband’s a lucky, lucky man!). Then my sister in law asked me to help with her sons birthday party. I had deadlines again. It helped. Maybe promise someone (me, for instance!) that you’ll deliver on a few tasks. If you give your house work the same weight as YOUR freelance writing, you might be more motivated. I can offer you a compensation package of one high five per task. And possibly a terry cloth headband to wear while speed walking in public! Good luck lady!!! xoxo


Comment by Mrs. Dee.

I know how you feel, i work from home also and I lost my “groove” when we moved. Don’t know how to get it back, but instead of worrying about it, I’ve started making a new groove. It took several years to make my old house a home and get an efficient pattern with it, so I expect it will take the same with the new place.


Comment by Chelle.

I’ve heard that if you are doing something you don’t want to suck your entire day away (like playing words with friends, for example), set the microwave timer for 15 minutes and then set it for 30 minutes or whatever to accomplish something. Another 15 for playing, 30 for accomplishing. That BEEP BEEP BEEP is insistent.


Comment by Mod Mom Beyond IndieDom.

Pop the ear buds in and listen to your iPod while you do your chores. I listen to podcasts, music, audiobooks. Whatever.
Kinda makes your forget for a moment that you’re doing something you don’t feel like doing.


Comment by Happy.Baker.

I know the feeling. My husband has been deployed a year and a half, and I’ve been singlehandedly swinging on the vines with my kids (6 and 2) while running my bakery, trying to keep up with the house, make it to the gym every day, and maintain some semblance of a social life. It’s a tough gig. But I’ve found that, for me, I need structure. Making my own schedule and my own rules is totally awesomesauce, but I end up gleefully planted on the couch watching marathon reruns of The Daily Show and fantasizing about having Jon Stewart’s baby if I don’t create some sort of authority for myself.

So I got a second job. I went and got a very part time position as a swim instructor at the Y. It gives me a few hours a week where I can stick my daughter in the daycare (FREEEDOM!!) and go splash around in the pool. And I get paid, yo. The bigger moral here is that it keeps me going to the gym, even when I don’t want to. Cuz now I HAVE to. And since I’m there anyway, I might as well get a workout in.

Anyway, alls I’m saying is that I had to MAKE structure in my life. I had to MAKE accountability. Because without it, all hell breaks loose and nothing gets done, ever. It’s a sad state of affairs.


Comment by I'm Freezing and My Husband is Sweating. | The Mouthy Housewives.

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Comment by Karin W.

I’m sitting here NOT folding laundry right now, so I’m totally helpful… actually, I’m highly motivated in the morning, significantly less so past 4pm. I really don’t like to go anywhere until I get my housework done or it kinda doesn’t get done (this walk zone for school thing kinda kicked my butt for a while)… before kids and was *just* working, I would get up early to do a chore or 2 (no where near as early as my aunt who runs the vacuum every morning at 4am – everyone in her house sleeps thru it). If I get up early now, I have company that requests my attention! So I kinda have to be selective. My morning is crazy anyway – 3 kids, 3 different schools (base school in a walk zone: 8am, advanced academics school bus stop next to a child sex offender: 8:42, preschool 6 miles from home: 9) and we’re mid-move ourselves – hubby’s already moved, we’re leaving when school ends. I clean the bathroom once a week while I’m waiting for the shower to warm up, toss a load of laundry in before getting dressed, switch it to the dryer after getting home from the walking school, dust & vacuum one level after getting home from the walking school but before leaving for the bus stop, grocery shop on the way home from preschool with no kids with me (otherwise, I order groceries – love Harris Teeter and I’m totally going to miss it), add breakfast dishes and run the dishwasher while the kids are in school so they can empty it when they get home (they have days), we have no grass so that’s not a problem but soon will be in our new house, however, I find gardening/planting/weeding/watering cathartic and do it anytime – I even pick up dog poop. At night, I don’t have dessert or my favorite cup of tea if the dishes aren’t done – huge motivator there!

The one chore I absolutely hate is taking out the trash – I used to pass this one to my husband who didn’t do the BEST job at it (I have to point out when the overflowing trash needs to go out – every night b/c inevitably it would get full in the middle of the next day and it doesn’t take itself out – and remind him of the bathroom and laundry room trash). Since he’s not here during the week, I now package it up every night, leave it by the door and assign a child to bring it around back in the morning which works fine except I don’t let my 5 year old go by himself so one of the girls has to go with him. At first, this was a novelty but it’s worn off and they are getting resentful especially as I pack up more and more of their things…


Comment by Leslie.

I often felt like this and got rid of cable… for two years! I had to. It was such a distraction, being home all day with no adult contact was driving me bat-shit crazy!

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