13 Aug
The Mouthy Housewives’ Tips for Back to School Shopping

Hey, have you been enjoying the Lazy Days of Summer?

Well theyíre almost over! That’s right; put those bathing suits away because school is around the corner, and those long summer days are about to be a distant memory. We know. We’re sad too.

And by sad we mean, can’t wait for our kids to get to school so that we have a chance to take a shower without someone asking what we are doing.

But before liberation, there is some back-to-school shopping to be done. It’s a chore that many parents dislike because it can be expen$ive and chaotic. Fortunately, The Mouthy Housewives are here to guide you through the process.

Here are out Top Six Tips for making Back to School Shopping Almost Painless.

1. Make sure to make a list. Of all your children. It’s so awkward when you forget to shop for one of the children and people can be really judgmental about that. We have no idea how Octomom does it.

2. For every new outfit you get your child, buy yourself a pair of shoes. Or something sparkly.

3. Before you buy more extras like pens or pencilstry to find the ones from last year. They’re definitely in your home somewhere, so have the whole family look. And if they’re not in your home, they’re at someone else’s, so don’t be shy about inviting yourself over for a quick look-see.

4. As you’re doing your back-to-school shopping, remind your kids every five seconds that you are doing this for them, for their welfare and well-being and that you are the best parent in the whole world who is definitely entitled to the best nursing home care when the time comes.

5. Do your shopping online. This avoids the oft-hated going outside and seeing other people and also long lines and kids who want everything off the shelves.

6. While youíre online, check out the Microsoft Office 2010 Home and Student site!

With Microsoft Office 2010, your kids will have everything they need for their school work, and they can create graphs and charts and presentations and whatever else it is that kids are doing these days and leave you in peace so that you can relax and watch reality TV.

So donít wait! Buy Office today and save 15%. This promotion ends on 9/14.

Be sure to visit Microsoft Office 2010’s brand page on BlogHer.com where you can read other bloggers’ posts about their back to school shopping tips!

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Loved #2 and #5 🙂

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